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PO. BOX 340 

WRENTHAMf, M& 0^093 ' ' 

1983 Chieftain 
King Philip Regional School 

201 Franklin St 

Wrentham, Mass. 02093 

Volume Twenty Six 


Seniors 18 

a final look at the class that made it happen. 

Undergrads 70 

the bulk of our population and spirit 

Faculty 96 

they gave us knowledge and aided our success 

Vocational 116 

school years dedicated to learning to use the tools of the trade 

Sports 142 

students talented in the art of athletics 

Activities 770 

extra-curricular activities and extra-special events 

Sponsors 208 

the generosity of our patrons and friends 

-■■•''','■ ■'•■•.-,,■ . ' „„ >>.■;.■• 

■ ■-: "" , ' * " '■ 

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1. Most Talkative 

Carol Schwalbe, Jeff Lewin, 
Lisa Vaphiades 

2. Class Flirts 

Jay Civilinski, Shannon Lynch. 

3. Most Often Late To class 
David Hooper, Dawna Hooper 

4. Best Vocational 

Missy LeMay, David Ray 

5. Class Gossip 
Terry Roche 

6. Dizziest 

Brenda Bredvik, David Gage 

7. Most Mischievous 

Nancy Morse, David Hooper 

1. Best Dressed 
Jon Peck, Shannon Lynch 

2. Class Couple 
Jack Barton, Judy Fruci 

3. Best Ail-Around 
Jim. Barry, Therese Doyle 

4. Highway Menace 
Mark Nevins, Shannon Lynch 

5. Most Musical 
Jim Houseworth, Kathy 

6. Most Athletic 
Andrea Amidon, Mike Kuza 

7. Most Unique 
Tony Ormsby, Brenda Bredvik 

8. Class Partiers 
Heather Kohut, Dan 


1. Most Spirited and Friendliest 

John Kinlin, Therese Doyle 


Mike Kelly, Cheryl Bettinger 

Class Grouches 

Mike Kuza, Laura Mackie, 

Mark Elliott 
4. Best Looking 

Tim Slattery, Denise Petrosian 


Je££ Grant, Siobhan Fitzgerald 

Most Artistic 

Tom Hughes, Lauren 


Most Gullible 

Nancy Sciaba, Tony Ormsby 


1. Most Likely to Succeed 
Karen Calkins, Tom Hughes 

2. Class Clowns 
David Hooper, Sue Kirby 

3. Class Punkers 
Jim Houseworth, Heather 

Most Likely To Float Around 
Lake Pearl in a Keg 
Heather Kohut, Dan 

5. Most Chauvanistic, Most Liberated 
Chris Mikulis, Cathy Hayes 

6. Teacher's Pet 
Delight Newman, Jim 

7. Class Loafs 
Glenn Snow, Sue Kirby 


S3 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • i9&3 • 79S3 • 1983 • 7983 

77}e Class of 1983 entered into King Philip Regional 
School in September 1979 to begin their four year 
voyage. Many of us not knowing what to expect, were 
rather nervous, but being the Class of '83 we knew we 
could make it together. 

Our Freshman year started off with flying colors under 
the leadership of Therese Doyle-President, Debbi 
Finley -Vice President, Terry Roche-Secretary, and 
Delight Newman-Treasurer. They were guided 
successfully by Mr. Weintraub and Mrs. Fagan. 

Working together we immediately began our 
fundraising events. Sponsoring candy sales, dances and 
a magazine sale we built up our treasury. 

Showing our class spirit we proudly built our first 
Homecoming float at Geromini's house, "When the 
Hornets get Swatted Down, The Warriors Will Keep 'em 
on the Ground. " We played the Mansfield Hornets. 
Though we did not capture a victory, we were proud of 
our first float. 

The Freshman-Sophomore Semi- Formal "Longer Than" 
held at the King Philip Ballroom in Wrentham proved to 
be success. With music by Labonza, we all danced the 
night away. The Freshman were beautifully represented 
by Dawna Hooper and Pam Candage in the 
Queen's Court. 

As Freshman we grew to know King Phillip and 
ourselves and we were ready to go on! 

Beginning our Sophomore year with the same leaders 
and advisors, we kept our spirit growing and our 
ambitions grew. 

With the use of Tenley Hughes' garage we set off 
once again to build our awesome float "KP Will Pocket 
the Rockets!" We were again defeated, but we still kept 
our pride. 

We sponsored dances, candy sales, a jelly bean 
guessing game, a magazine sale, and a road race. 
Everyone worked together to make our fundraisers 

Our Freshman -Sophomore Semi-Formal "The Rose" 
held at the KP Ballroom again was certainly a wonderful 
evening. Joshua Tree performed and proudly 
representing our class as Queen was Debbi Finley. 
Denise Petrosian and Sandy Allsworth were in the 

With only one year to go to be at the top, our Junior 
year certainly proved to show how awesome the Class 
of '83 really is! 

Our Junior Class officers were Therese Doyle- 
President, John Kinlin-Vice President, Vicki 
Werning-Secretary, and Delight Newman-Treasurer. 
Once again Mr. Weintraub and Mrs. Fagan 

survived our outrageous ideas and schemes. What can 
we say, as Juniors we were "UNREAL!" 

Playing Oliver Ames for Homecoming, we built our best 
float "Warrior's Voice will Soar, As They Silence O.A.'s 
Roar" in Tenley Hughes' garage. Although we did not 
win the trophy, we were definitely proud of our float. 

Raising money was not hard at all. We worked together 
on dances, candy sales, carnation sales, and our 


1983* 1983* 1983 • 1983* 1983 • 1983 

Class History 

memorable Gong Show. As judges we had the famous 
"Un-Known Keimach", Mrs. Tower and the Patriots 
All-Pro place kicker, John Smith. 

Sticking together and showing our true spirit as Juniors, 
we captured the Class Competition trophy. This brought 
a feeling of unity to the class. We proudly accepted it. 

Our Junior-Senior Prom "Wonderful Tonight" was an 
evening for all to cherish. Held at the Chateau DeVille 
in Randolph, we danced to music by Mainstreet. 
Karen Henderson and Vicki Werning represented 
the Juniors in the Queen s Court. Our first Prom was 
enjoyable but we knew the best was yet to come! 

As we sail on, the Class of 1983 finally entered King 
Philip as SENIORS!! KP's best yet! 

Leading the class was Therese Doyle-President, Patty 
Phelan-Vice President, Debbi Fin ley -Secretary, and 
Delight Newman-Treasurer. Mrs. Fagan was our 
new head class advisor. We sure tried her patience, but 
she survived. Mrs. Wernborg assisted her as an 
advisor with this wild and crazy bunch of ????! 

Tony Ormsby, an exchange student from Australia, 
joined the Class of 1983. 

Starting our Senior year immediately was Homecoming. 
Building aggressively at Tenley Hughes' we 
completed our Super Senior Float. We played the 
Mansfield Hornets and proudly displayed our float 
"Mansfield Hornets will lose their form as KP Warriors 
stomp their swarm!" Although we lost the float 
competition, we willingly accepted the Spirit Week 

Competition trophy. As Seniors we proved we had 
school spirit! 

The day was highlighted by Homecoming Queen 
Therese Doyle and her court Denise Petrosian, 
Vicki Werning, ana Delight Newman. 

Our class showed more unity as we aB enjoyed 
ourselves at the Chinese Food Banguet. Without the 
hypnotist we would not be able to "salute" our fellow 

On Thanksgiving Day, Carol Schwalbe represented 
the Senior class as Queen. 

Trying to stay sane, v/e kept our treasury increasing. 
Candy sales, dances, carnation sales, and other major 
fund raisers contributed to our treasury. 

We all enjoyed our successful Senior Supper and the 
Junior-Senior Prom, which was held at the Sheraton- 
Tara in Braintree, was definitely an evening to 
remember. We have so many good times to cherish and 
to be thankful for. 

Now that we have our diplomas, remember to take each 
day for itself and reach for the best. You can achieve 
what you really want to if you put your mind and heart 
to it. Remember we are still young and the world is yet 
to be "ours. " So let's do it right because this class, the 
Class o£ 1983, You are the Best! 


1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • I9&3 • 1983 • i9R 

/u/ie 5, 2000 

Dear Mrs. Fagan, 

You d never guess what happened to me last weekend. 1 
was asked to be a guest speaker at a medical convention in 
New York City. Well, 1 took up the offer. I was really 
surprised when 1 found out that the hotel where I would be 
staying was called 'Tree's Suite". Immediately I thought oi 
Therese Doyle and would you believe it, it was her hotel! 

Therese and I had dinner and a few drinks to talk over old 
times. She's married to a New York State Senator and has 8 
children. We also filled each other in on where the awesome 
Class of '83 is today. 

Some of us really made it big. Mary Ellen Flower is a happy 
millionaire, Mike McGlynn is an unhappy millionaire, and 
Jean Williams has so much money that she was able to totally 
overhaul the white bomber. Erik Bezema, Ken Shaw, Jim 
O'Connell, and Maria Tedeschi are all loaded with money. 
Bruce Hamlin, Shawn Conroy and Joe Cameron are all 
successful-at what, 1 don't know. Jim Peavey is making $20 
an hour and Nancy Maduskuie is self-sufficient. Cheryl 
Bettmger was a millionaire sweepstakes winner and Becky 
Nye owns everything that she ever wanted. Joanne Conniff 
and Kathy French both own beautiful mansions. Mike Kelly's 
well to do and finally has the beautiful girl of his dreams. 

Some of us had the right idea and got out of Massachusetts. 
Pam Young is in California, Karen Henderson is living it up 
in Texas and Phyllis Usher has a ranch in Kentucky. Linda 
Moran is in Colorado checking out the guys on the ski 
slopes. Nancy Sabin is in Hawaii. She was late for 5 of her 
flights but she finally made it. Sue Stenquist and Brenda 
Bredvik are living right here in New York in penthouses. 
Sherry Boyd and Barbara Black have a gorgeous mansion in 
Florida with handsome male servants all over the grounds. 
Roberta Ludwig has a beautiful mansion in the Carribean. 
Where's our high school football team's quarterback, Mike 
Kuza? He's presently sipping champagne while gazing out 
his penthouse in uptown Dallas. Amy Wright is living in the 
backwoods of Vermont with MCH. 

While Therese and I were talking the announcer in the hotel 
lounge introduced the entertainment. I couldn't believe it. 
Mark Harmon was in the band. Some of the songs they sang 
were composed by none other than Donna Larkm. 1 also 
found out that Marion Parmenter is a singer and Kathy 
O'Connell is an excellent band director. 

1 later found out that some of my old classmates were here 
for the convention that I was to speak at. Tenley Hughes is a 
dental hygienist, Karen Calkins is an emergency room doctor 
at a city hospital, and Carol McClintock is a doctor, too. Deb 
Smith is in the medical field and Tony Figueras is a great 
surgeon. Fred Brennan is a heart surgeon at Mass. General 
and Brenda Hough is a Child Psychologist and has found 
her perfect personality hubby. Kim Black is a pediatrician in 
a newly built Children 's Hospital and Sandy Fretz is working 
in a veterinary office. Beth Heinsohn is a Nobel Prize 
winning physicist for NASA. Tom Hughes is a relativistic 
subnuclear physicist who slays ores in his spare time. Deb 
Hobbs is a biochemist who T.P. 's the lab in her spare time. 

Angela Eblan, Siobhan Fitzgerald, and Kendra Lukens are 

successful nurses with lots of kids. Ginger Grospitch is a 
surgical nurse at Cleveland Clinic and Zanig Koshgarian is a 
nurse with world-wide recognition. Laura Mackie is a nurse 
with a foxy husband and Vicki Werning is a happily married 
nurse with 2 beautiful children. She has yet to lose her 
driver's license. 

Some of us are lucky enough to be happily married. Jay 
Civilinski is extremely happy with his 13 children. Leo 
Macdonald is married with no kids. Jamie Brown, Nancy 
Morse, Celeste Chartrand and Judy Fruci are happily 
married. So are Tammy Horton and Carla Daley. Kari 
Christiansen, Leanne Purdon, Angie Pasquantonio, Patty 
Poirier, Kris Warnick, Darlene Silver and Winnie Wylie are 
all happily married with children. Dave Patenaude is helping 
others to come to an accurate knowledge of Jehovah God in 
this time of the end. Fred Meda and Jim Moore are happily 
married with good jobs. Laura Johnson is married to a 
wealthy Italian. Lauren MacKenney designs clothes when 
she's not with her husband. Kathy Kelly lives in a mansion in 
Newport, with her husband. Gary Gallagher is a millionaire 
with a beautiful wife. Terry Jones is married and owns a 
Porsche Dealership Company. Shannon Lynch had the right 
idea, she's married to Ray Bourque and owns the most 
beautiful white fur jacket. 

Cord Walker is married and very wealthy. Pam Ross finally 
found someone to support her. Carol Schwalbe is married 
with enough money to buy her maroon 280Z. Wendi Slade 
is a happily married radio broadcaster and Monique Wolpers 
is a journalist with a family. Linda Robinson is married with 5 
kids in Missouri. Unfortunately, her husband is in prison 
doing 10-15 yrs. Carrie Wylie is married to a rich man and 
she has her own Porsche. 

Andi Miller, Jenny Smithers, Diana Jostin, and Sue Dolan are 
all swinging singles and love every minute of it. John 
Webster and Dave Wheeler are busy working hard. Chris 
Mikulis and Glenn Snow are older. 

A few members of the Class of '83 are serving our country 
in the Armed Services. Eric Sandberg is in the Navy. Glenn 
Hall spends his days rescuing people while hanging from a 
helicopter in the USAF. Julie Davis is an officer in the USAF 
making $50,000 a year. Jon Peck is in NASA and Pat 
Loughlin is still in Marine boot camp trudging through the 
swamps of Paris Island. Good Luck, Pat! 

June Childs, Delight Newman, Danny Ward and Jeff 
Marsden have gone into air travel related careers. June's a 
stewardess, Delight is a flight attendant, and Jeff is piloting 
the space shuttle. Danny is sitting on the bridge of the U.S.S. 
Enterprise firing photon torpedos at Klingon warships. 

Unfortunately, Patty Diamond, Heidi Stephanovitch, Karen 
Mullaney and Matt Tolatovicz were anialated in a nuclear 
war in Iran. Luckily, Scott Chitty made it out alive by 
dodging nuclear bombs on his motorcycle. 

We really turned out some experts in the computer field. 
Mark Conley owns his own computer company. Ted LeBlanc 
and Rich Nugent are working with computers. Steve 
Waitkevich is a computer programmer for a large 
corporation. Wayne Newman is a computer science 
technician-he skips work alot. Mark Higgins is a systems 
analyst with a major computer company. And perhaps the 


1983 • 1983 • 1983 

Class Prophecy | 

most unique member of our class, Tom DiPlacido, is a mud 
computer scientist that leasts on the wild ores slain by Tom 

Patty Cloutier, Cindy Eykel, Donna Shanks, and Alice 
Harrington are great executive secretaries. Karin Barstow 
and Lisa Vaphiades are working in large air conditioned 
businesses. Dawna Hooper and Julie Ellis are happily 
married word processors. Lynne Crandall is the best darn 
married interior decorator. Laura Feriolo is also an interior 
decorator. Tina Carey owns her own Day Care Center and 
Sue Cook works there part-time. Sharon Pierce is a career 
woman in social service and Marie Mahoney is a social 
worker in a hall- way house. 

Some ol us entered the engineering held. Jell Grant is head 
of a multimillion dollar engineering firm. Dan Melish, 
National Enduro Champion, is Jeff's chief engineer. Ed 
Johnson is an electrical engineer designing the Base 901 
model Vl's and Jeff Lewin is a successful engineer. 

John Roberts and George Pappas own their own garage. 
Glenn Moore owns a garage, too, and only has to work 3 
days a week. That's the life! 

Many of us own our own businesses. Andrea Amidon, 
Donna Higgins, and Shannon Kearns own the newly 
established Plamville Drive-In. Jane Andrews and Michelle 
Mendes each own their own hairstyling businesses. Michelle 
does Robert Red ford's hair in Hollywood. Tony Leonard and 
Becky Johnson own their own businesses. Jeff O'Donnell 
owns an elevator business and Renea Mullaney owns a 
fashion store in Paris. Mary Marcarelli owns an Italian 
Restaurant and Jill Hardy owns a nightclub and has a baby 
blue Trans-Am. Vin Marino owns a pornography shop in the 
center of Wrentham. Scott Kelly is the owner of an 
international corporation and is monopolizing the business 
world as a wealthy tyrant from his home in a South 
American jungle. Tim Slattery is President of Texas Instruments. 

Mike McCarthy is spending the rest ol his life behind a 
desk. Mike Bergeron s the manager of a major company. 
Regma Strang is a rich criminal lawyer, and Andy Nichols is 
an accountant. John Kinlin is a highly spirited 
oceanographer. Sarah Fuller is a traveling photographer, and 
Bob Brown is pounding nails for $8 an hour. Diane Cormier 
is finally employed. Curt Blood is announcing radio free 
Leichtenstem, and Helen Forand is a machine operator for 
Foxboro Company. Sue Kirby and Renee Powell are 
fantastic dancers. Chris Ferland is well-educated but not 
headed in any particular direction. Sandy Frizzell is a gym 
teacher and coached a professional softball team. Jim 
Houseworth is a physics teacher and owns his own recording 
studio. Sandy Allsworth is a successful business woman and 
Kevin Bergevine is a CPA with his own business. 

By this time, Therese and 1 had a little too much to drink 
and were laughing a bit loud but we didn't care. After all, it 
was Therese's hotel. We remembered some of our childhood 
dreams and how many of them we never saw come true. 
Some of our classmates made their dreams come true. 

John Masterson is a physical therapist who leads the 
Clydesdales for the Budweiser wagon m his spare time. Ray 
Rose is tracking grizzly bears in Alaska. Dave Ray is a proud 
member of Team Moosehead and roosting all over the Skull. 

Scott Pfeffer drives beautiful women back to his country 
mansion to do some serious partying. Rich Callahan is selling 
Crayola crayons to little girls and JoAnna LeBlanc is 
desperately trying to lose all unwanted pounds before our 
class reunion. Kathy Lincoln hunts tarantulas in the deep 
dark regions of Africa. Karen Miller lives near the sea in the 
tropics. Mark Elliott is presently in the winner's circle 
Carlsbad, USA. Jeff Murray is a beach bum in California, 
and never straight. Paul Schwalbe is a ski bum in the Swiss 
Alps with a bunch of snow bunnies living on a CX & Wahz. 
No Paul, I didn 't make fun of you. 

Manette Laliberte attended Tenley Hughes' wedding and 
completed college. Heather Kohut is living in the Valley, 
"Fer Sure". Chris Jost is traveling around the world. Tracy 
Hartford is drinking strawberry daiquiris on her tropical 
island watching the sunset. Maureen Connors is sitting in her 
whirlpool in her underground home, while her 5 kids wake 
her up to tell her the phone is ringing. And Dave Gage is 
still a partying, hardworking college student who knows all 
the answers to any questions asked. 

Many ol us spend time in cars. John Schwartz is driving a 
lixed up painted Cutlass. Nancy Sciaba owns a creme 
colored Mercedes convertible and Robyn Johnson owns a 
fast car with mags. Karen Longobardi cruises around in her 
Z28, Cathy Hayes cruises in a Corvette with John, and Patty 
Phelan cruises in her 280ZX when she isn 't training world- 
class gymnasts in her gym in California. Chuck Taber rides 
around in his DeLorean sports car and Wendy Wagner picks 
up gorgeous guys in her sports car. Mark Nevins, the 
ultimate highway menace, drives a Porsche 91 1 around in 
his mansion in Beverly Hills. 

You remember Dave Hooper, don't you? Well, he still 
doesn i see himself seriously. Mary Carchio is living life to 
the fullest and Paul Mahoney is enjoying life. Lee Parker is 
healthy, happy, wealthy and wise. Meanwhile, Denise 
Petrosion is making something of her life. 

Kevin Slattery has finally straightened up and Terry Roche is 
still chasing a green International. Paul Ruprecht is a very 
good person and Henry Schubert is fine and living well in 
the suburbs. Leo Desrochers made it and Mike Mendes is 
still having a good time but he's wondering where everyone 
went. Jim Hutchins is way, way, waaaaay away but living. 
And the one and only Dave Nichols is struggling to become 
the most famous person to ever graduate from King Philip. 

And me? Well, I'm the team physical therapist for the Dallas 
Cowboy's football team. You wouldn't believe how much fun 
it is getting their bodies back into shape . . . 

After our talk, Therese and I decided to call it a night. (The 
fact that we had too much to drink had nothing to do with 
us turning in early.) It was really great linding out how and 
where the AWESOME CLASS OF 83 was. 

By the way, Mrs. Fagan, where are you? Have you come 
back to reality yet? When you find yourself, let me know. 

Debbi Finley 

And the Class '83 lives on 



Deborah Finley - Secretary 

Class Council -1st row: (1-r) 
P. Cloutier, B. Nye, K. 
Henderson, J. Williams, C. 
Wylie, W. Wagner, N. 
Sciaba. 2nd row: J. Ellis, 
K. Christiansen, D. 
Newman, D. Finley, P. 
Phelan, M. Elliott, T. 
Doyle, T. Hartford, H 
Kohut. 3rd row: P. Ross, 
C. Schwalbe, J. Hardy, D. 
Hobbs, S. Fitzgerald, S. 
Fuller, L. Crandall, J. 
Davis, A. Wright, R. 
Strang, N. Maduskuie. 4th 
row: S. Pieller, J. Peck, M. 
Harrison, R. Rose, H. 
Schubert, P. Schwalbe, I. 
Murray, J. Roberts, J. 
Cole, J. Civilinski, J. 
Peavy, D. Nichols. 5th 
row.: T. Ormsby, D. 
Melish, G. Snow. Front: D. 

Therese Doyle - President 

Patricia Phelan - Vice President 

Delight Newman - Treasurer 

Mrs. Fagan, Mrs. Wernborg - Advisors 


Sandra Allsworth 

69 Arnold St., Wrentham 
Likes: Paul, Lamborghinis 
Dislikes: Mondays, being lied to 
Ambition: To attend college 
and be successful in a career. 
Favorite Saying: "This is true!" 
Favorite Memory: 11/2/82 
Activities: Student Council 3, 4, 
Football Cheerleading 3, 4, 
Basketball Cheerleading 2, 3, 
Hockey Cheerleading 3, Winter 
Track 1, Spring Track 1, 2 
Awards: Varsity letter in track 
and cheering Favorite 
stuntman: Henry S. 

Karin Barstow 

10 Cooney Ave., Plain ville 
Likes: Computers, dune buggies 
Dislikes: Homeroom, big crowds 
Ambition: To become an 
accountant Favorite Saying: 
"Nothing ever goes as planned. " 
Favorite Memory: Attending 
OEA state competitions 
Activities: OEA 2, 3, 4. 

Dawn Marie Alger 

90 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: Steve, full moons in the 
mountains Dislikes: 
Backstabbers, having arguments 
with the ones 1 love Ambition: 
To become an Emergency 
Medical Technician Favorite 
Saying: "Help me think" 
Favorite Memory: 6/11/82, 
Prom of '82 Activities: DECA 3, 
4 Favorite Groups: Led 
Zeppelin, Neil Young. 

Andrea C. Amidon 

249 Taunton St., Wrentham 
Likes: Wasting time with Mr. L. 's 
chicken stories, partying 
Dislikes: Green St., JB's writing 
assignments Ambition: To 
receive a degree in business 
management Favorite Saying: 
"How the hell are yal" Favorite 
Memory: Saturday night 
escapades with Higs, Trace, & 
Kearnsy Activities: DECA 3, 4- 
Vice President, Field Hockey 1, 
2, 3, 4-Capt., Basketball 1,2, 3, 
4-Capt., Softball 1, 2, 3, 4 
Awards: Second team 
Woonsocket Call All-Star field 
hockey, eight varsity letters 
Other: I hope I never have to 
hear another Guilli joke as long 
as I live-even longer! 

George Antonitis 

1 Walter St., Plain ville 
Likes: Not being serious, girls 
Dislikes: Yankees, Mrs. Fagan's 
detentions Ambition: Live until 
1 die . . . I hope Favorite 
Saying: "7 don't believe it!" 
Activities: Football 4, Spring 
Track 3, 4. 

Jane F. Andrews 

19 George St., Plainville 
Likes: Shawn G., being 
surrounded by gorgeous guys 
Dislikes: Waking up early, 
Mondays Ambition: Run my 
own hairstyling business 
Favorite Saying: "O'tay 
bu 'wheat. " Favorite Memory. 

James P. Barry, Jr. 

3 Pondview Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Lon, basketball Dislikes: 
English, sprints Ambition: 
Electrical engineer Favorite 
Saying: "Somehow . . . 1 don't 
think so. " Favorite Memory: 
Prom '82 Activities: National 
Honor Society 3, 4, Key Club 4, 
Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 
4-Capt, Spring track 1, 2, 3, 4 
Awards: Three varsity letters- 
Track, three varsity letters- 

"Oi"-Fred Brennan 

Steven Anderson 

21 Cee Jay Terrace, Wrentham 




Kevin Bent 

107 Seekonk St., Norfolk 
Likes: Guns, movies Dislikes: 
Dirtballs Ambition: To be a 
success Favorite Saying: 

Cheryl Dawn Bettinger 

"Little Red" 
60 Warren St., Plain ville 
Likes: Going on trips with 
friends, skiing Dislikes: The 
same old thing, a lake person 
Ambition: To be a successful 
mechanical engineer Favorite 
Saying: "Who, me?" Favorite 
Memozy: Summer of '82 in N.H. 
Activities: Sachem 4, Chieftain 
3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4 Awards: 
National Poetry Press 
Publications, Varsity letters in 
soccer, awards for painting. 

John Barton 

8 Sidney St., Norfolk 

Michael Bergeron 

' 'Bergie " 
4 Ewald Ave., Plamville 
Likes: Heavy metal Dislikes: 
Saturday morning baseball 
practice, school Ambition: To 
become a manager of a 
warehouse for a major company 
Favorite Saying: "SUabs." 
Favorite Memory: 7/17/82 
Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 
Awards: Three varsity letters. 

Kevin E. Bergevine 

20 Everett St., Plain ville 
Likes: Partying, concerts 
Dislikes: 11/29/82, Connie 
Ambition: Being successful in 
all J do Favorite Saying: 
"Sllabs" Favorite Memory: with Debbie, Debbi, & 

Robert E. Bickford, Jr. 

431 Shears St., Wrentham 
Likes: Cars, girls Dislikes: A.F., 
snobs Ambition: To own an 
automotive shop Favorite 
Saying: "Oh well/Favorite 
Memory: The first day 1 met 

James Basset 

10 Churchill Rd., Norfolk 

Erik Bezema 

27 Davis Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Stacey, cars Dislikes: 
Pebble droppers, stuck up 
people Ambition: To be a 
millionaire Favorite Memory: 

Steve Anderson creates a 


Barbara Black 

184 Thurston St., Wrentham 
Likes: Gorgeous guys, getting a 
tan Dislikes: S.K., not having a 
date lor the weekend Ambition: 
To become rich Favorite 
Saying: "Check him out!" 
Favorite Memory: Falmouth 
Heights-summer of '82 
Activities: DECA 3, OEA 2 
Favorite Hangout: King's 
parking lot. 

Brenda Kristine 

' 'Bren " 
9 Timberline Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Original "weird" clothing, 
chocolate Dislikes: Frumps, 
school colors esp. green! 
Ambition: To be an officer of a 
successful corporation Favorite 

Saying: "Like fer shurr!" 

Favorite Memory: Doing crazy 
things with Sue like climbing 
ladders at 1 1 p.m. on a 
Thursday! Activities: Drama 3, 4 
Band 1, 2, WKPH 3, 4, National 
Honor Society 3, 4, Key Club 3, 
4, Chieftain 3, 4 Awards: High 
honors all years,. 10th impromptu 
essay award Other: Lettered in 
band and art (mural in gym). 

Kimberly A. Black 

4 Pennacook St., Norfolk, 
Likes: Journey, canines Dislikes: 
Velvet, frowns Ambition: To be a 
pediatrician Favorite Saying: 
"Yeesh 1 " Favorite Memory: 
Cape Cod -the summer of '82. Ac- 
tivities: Drama 1, Math League 4, 
National Honor Society 3, 4-Sec, 
Chieftain 4-co-editor, Football 
Cheerleader 1. 

"HI!" (above) 

Sue Cook gets ready lor class. 

Sherry Lynn Boyd 

ll Potter Ave., Plainville 
Likes: Dean, T.P., K.L., B.B. 
Dislikes: Rainy days, fighting 
with D.T. Ambition: To get my 
license Favorite Saying: "You 
know what I mean Hunny?" 
Favorite Memory: 1981 J. Geils 
Concert, 3-1-81 Activities: OEA 
2 Other: Summer days at the 
beach with Dean. 

W. Curtis Blood 

24 Kingsbury Rd., Norlolk 
Likes: M*A*S*H, the Yardbirds 
Dislikes: The Leaper 
Ambition: To swim up Niagara 
Falls Favorite Saying: "Ask me 
if I care?" Favorite Memory: 
Halloween with J.C, U.K., U.C, 
B.L., T.D., & HT.TB.B. Awards: 
National Uerit Scholarship 
Commendation Other: Football 
announcer 2, 3, 4. 


Fred Brennan Jr. 

149 South St., Plamville 
Likes: All sports esp. football, 
blonds with good sense of 
humor Dislikes: Snobby people, 
pigeons Ambition: To make it 
through medical school and 
become a world reknown 
surgeon. Favorite Saying: 
"Catch ya later. " Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '82 
Activities: Boy's State 3, 
National Honor Society 3, 4, 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 
3, 4 Awards: National Honor 
Society, four varsity letters 
Other: Good luck to the Warrior 
football team in '83. 

Jamie 'Lee Brown 

87 Holbrook St., Norfolk 
Likes: Rich W., tickle pink 
Dislikes: Conceited people, 
being bored Ambition: To 
make millions Favorite Saying: 
"Bum deal!" Favorite Memory: 
10/8/82 with Rich. 

Richard Callahan 

57 Hancock St., Wrentham 
Likes: Being Irish Dislikes: 
Getting caught skipping 
Favorite Memory: Having "Mr. 
D" and a pope and three priests 
Activities: Track 3, 4. 

Karen E. Calkins 

2661 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Junk food, lifeguards 
Dislikes: Driving on the 
sidewalk, drinking OJ after 
brushing your teeth Ambition: 
To avoid any contact with 
moving Corvettes and parked 
Mercedes Favorite Saying: 
"I'm not doing that!" Favorite 
Memory: When Pepe survived 
Activities: Math League 2, 3, 4, 
Issues 3, 4-Co-editor, Sachem 2, 
3, -Treasurer, 4-Co-editor, 
National Honor Society 3, 4- Vice 
Pres.,- Key Club 3, 4. 

Robert J. Brown 

87 Holbrook St., Norfolk 
Likes: Michelle, cruisin ' 
Dislikes: Getting up for school, 
kids who think they're bad 
Ambition: To make it 
somewhere Favorite Saying: 
"Gimmie a break!" Favorite 
Memory: Lifting with Paul 
Activities: Football 1, Basketball 
1, Baseball 1. 

Thomas Brown 

44 Stella Rd., Bellingham 

Cary Bushika 

31 Lafayette Ln., Norfolk 

Frederick W. Brent 

67 Wooliord Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Going to parties with 
Helena, driving my car Dislikes: 
Hangovers, school Ambition: 
Computer repairman Favorite 
Saying: "In a few." Favorite 
Memory: Meeting Helena. 

They look innocent but . . . 


June Childs 

"June Bug" 
425 Washington St., Wrentham 
Likes: Outdoors, Southern 
Comfort Dislikes: Schedules, the 
first day of school Ambition: To 
be successful at whatever J do 
Favorite Saying: "You think 
so. " Favorite Memory: 

Mary Ann Carchio 

249 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: Parties, E. W. Dislikes: 
Mondays, cold weather 
Ambition: To lead an exciting 
life Favorite Saying: "What's 
up with you?" Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '82 
Activities: DECA 3, 4 Awards 
1st place cover design (district 

Scott Chitty 

5 Fruit St., Norfolk 
Likes: Riunite and its ways, 
blondes Dislikes: Old 
Milwaukee, owing money to D.R. 
Ambition: To get a car for the 
winter Favorite Saying: "Sup- 
Crandle?" Favorite Memory: 
National Motor Cross Race 
Southwick, Ma. 

Arthur G. Champney 

74 Ruthellen Rd., Bellingham 

Celeste Joyce 


122 Williams St., Wrentham 
Likes: Joe, red roses Dislikes: 
Mashed potatoes, waiting 
Ambition: To get a job as a 
secretary and get married 
Favorite Saying: "I can't wait 
till Friday!" Favorite Memory: 
7/31/82 Activities: OEA 2, 3- 
Secretary, 4 Awards: OEA State 
Conference 1982, 6th in Records 
Management Clerk II Other: 
Good luck always to all of my 
friends, I'll miss you all! Love ya! 

Pamela Candage 

11 Ewald Ave., Plamville 

Tina M. Carey 

293 Shears St., Wrentham 
Likes: Going out with R.H., 
Florida beaches Dislikes: 
Mondays, J.B. Ambition: To 
open a day care center Favorite 
Saying: "Let's party!" Favorite 
Memory: 12/3/80. 

Michael Peter Carchidi 

84 North St., Wrentham 
Likes: M*A*S*H, Italian food 
Dislikes: Players' strikes 
Ambition: College Favorite 
Saying: "Did you ever wonder 
why?" Favorite Memory: 
When C.L. got hit in the slabs. 
Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Baseball 2, 3, 4. 

Bob Cloutier hooks up his Atari 


Joanne Conniff 

434 Hancock St., Wrentham 
Likes: Peter, weekends 
Dislikes: Mondays, getting up 
early Ambition: College 
Favorite Saying: "You know it, 
you lie." Favorite Memory: 
Summer ol '82 (Falmouth 
Heights) Activities: DECA 3. 

Mark R. Conley 

35 King James Way, Wrentham 
Likes: Computers, Vermont 
Dislikes: Being broke, reading 
400-page novels in a week 
Ambition: To be rich Favorite 
Saying-: "Face it, the Patriots are 
awesome!" Favorite Memory: 
Getting the doctor to say 
"Twang" Activities: Football 1, 
Winter Track 1, 2. 

Shawn Conroy 

5 Hillcrest Dr., Plain ville 
Likes: Computer programming, 
success Dislikes: The mole, 
program 22 Ambition: To be 
rich and successful Favorite 
Saying: "You're incredible!" 
Favorite Memory: Sophomore 

Kristen Cronin 

95 Cleveland St., Norfolk 

Jay Civilinski 

41 Lake Side Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: Friends, watching Murr 
get belligerent Dislikes: Empty 
gas tanks, bird droppings on my 
car Ambition: To fly and to be 
happy in whatever I do Favorite 
Saying: "How ya doin'U" 
Favorite Memory: '82 Prom 
with CO. Activities: Ice 
Hockey 2, 3-Capt., 4, Tennis 1, 
2, 3, 4 Awards: Varsity letters in 
hockey and tennis. 

Below: "You're so cute." 
Kari L. Christiansen 

9 Boardman St., Norfolk 
Likes: Concerts, good friends 
Dislikes: Broken promises, 
bloody noses with bad timing 
Ambition: To be happy forever 
Favorite Saying: "Oink" (to 
Lynne) Favorite Memory: 
9/25/82, NYC. NESBA Fall '82 
Activities: Sr. Class Council 4, 
Band 2, 3, Chieftain 4, Basketball 
3-stat., Baseball 3, 4-stat. 
Awards: NESBA honors band 3 
Other: Good luck guys!" 

Patricia Ann Cloutier 

411 South St., Plamville 
Likes: Good friends, being 
happy Dislikes: Bad weekends, 
working on weekends 
Ambition: College, to be 
successful in a career that I 
choose Favorite Saying: "Hi, 
How ya doin'!" Favorite 
Memory: King's parking lot with 
Kris & Renea learning to drive a 
standard Activities: Sr. Class 
Council 4, OEA 2, 3, 4-Pres. 
Awards: OEA top fifth in 
Regional Competition-Typing, 
2nd place in State competition 
Records Management Clerk II, 
OEA 3rd Bulletin Board in State 
Competition Other: I wish all my 
friends the best of luck always! 


Maureen Lee-Anne 


40 Everett St., Norfolk 
Likes: The ocean, sunsets 
Dislikes: Rainy Monday 
mornings, English classes 
Ambition: To marry a 
millionaire, skydive Favorite 
Memory: DECA conferences at 
D.C, Chicago, Niagara Falls 
Activities: Student Council 4, 
Sr. Class Council 4, DECA 3, 4, 
OEA 2-Parliamentarian Awards: 
DECA-2nd in Free Enterprise 
Manual, 3rd Miss DECA 
Sweetheart, 1st Free Enterprise 
Manual, Listed in Who's Who 
Among American High School 

William J. DeMers 

26 King St., Norfolk 

Jim Cole 

94 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: Black Horse, Hondas 
Dislikes: Wet snow, Sherwood 
at -20 Ambition: To find out 
my ambition Favority Memory: 
Newport '82 Activities: 
Basketball 1, Tennis 1. 

Robert E. Clou tier 

1771 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Ski mobiling, friends 
Dislikes: Preppies, ignorant 
statements Ambition: To make 
a million before the age of 50 
Favorite Saying: "I don't 
believe it!" Favorite Memory: 
10/30/82 Activities: Student 
Council 3, VICA 3, 4 Awards: 
State competition- VICA. 

Frank A. Crowell 

1691 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Chris, playing hoop 
Dislikes: Cops Ambition: To 
become an officer in the 
Merchant Marine Favorite 
Saying: "That's quality!" 
Favorite Memory: Junior Prom 
Activities: Boy's State 3, 
Football 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4 
Least Favorite Saying: "On 
the line!". 

Susan Cook 

3 Raymond Ave., Walpole 
Likes: Child care, writing, stories 
Dislikes: Being by myself, gym 
Ambition: Work in a day care 
center Favorite Saying: 
"What's up Sue!" Favorite 
Memory: Summer. 

Lynne Crandall 

10 Ridgefield Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Packy, talking Dislikes: 
Fake personalities, bad memories 
Ambition: To own a 944 red 
turbo Porsche Favorite Saying: 
"Tubes!" Favorite Memory: 
TPWK & C, 9/25-26/81, 
cheering sessions, bonfire '81 
Activities: Football Cheerleader 
3, Soccer 4-stat., Basketball 
Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Hockey 
Cheerleader 3, 4, Tennis 2 
Other: Love and thanks to P.H, 
K.C, J.D., L.M., Mom, Dad, Mr. 
& Mrs. B., S. Dubois. 

"um" - Jack Barton 

Julie Ann Davis 

19 Med way St., Norfolk 
Likes: '73 Pontiac Gran Am, 
wild fantasies Dislikes: Clique of 
JWCWSL, commitments 
Ambition: To be a race car 
driver in the Indianapolis 500 
Favorite Saying: "Let's Haul!" 
Favorite Memory: My senior 
year Activities: Sr. Class 
Council, Chieftain 4, Soccer 4- 
stat., Basketball 3-stat., Spring 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4-stat. 

Diana Marie Cormier 

94 Cypress Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: T.E.D. music, waterskiing 
Dislikes: Coming home early, 
being aggravated Ambition: To 
travel and to finally own a car 
Favorite Saying: "You're killing 
me!" Favorite Memory: Going 
cross country to California in '82. 


Scott Deruisseau 

10 Bush Pond Rd., Norfolk 

Susan Arlene Dolan 

134 Berry St., Wrentham 
Likes: Guys, being with friends 
Dislikes: Early morning, snobs 
Favorite Saying: "You're 
kidding, no way!" Favorite 
Memory: The. clown, Bobby's 
Activities: OEA 3. 

Patricia L. Diamond 

' 'Trisha " 
114 Mam St., Norfolk 
Likes: Chiffy, Neil Young 
Dislikes: Mornings, K.P.H.S. 
School Committee Ambition: 
To own and run my own nursery 
school Favorite Memory: 
3/13/82, T. W. D.J. Activities: 
OEA 2, Awards: 6th place- 
Information Communications 
11— OEA State Conference. 

Thomas W. DiPlacido, 

203 Creek St., Wrentham 
Likes: To eat, a nice set of ... . 
Dislikes: Normalcy, cleanliness 

T.G.T.G.I.TV.A.F.TA Favorite 
Saying: ' 'If you get passed the 
smell, you've got it licked. " 
Favorite Memory: T.O.T./82, 
J.S.E.-2 Activities: National 
Honor Society 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 
4-Capt., Winter Track 2, Spring 
Track 1,2,3, 4. 

Marc Desaulniers 

11 Glenbrook Ave., Bellingham 

David Doiron 

73 Warren St., Plainville 

Carla Ann Daley 

8 Washington St., Plainville 
Likes: L.H., taking the Trans Am 
Dislikes: Fights, getting up in 
the morning Ambition: To own 
the Trans Am Favorite Saying: 
"This is true. " Favorite 
Memory: The Cape with L.H., 
the party for Ama. 

"Who us? We didn't eat 
anything. " 

Leo A. Desrochers 

38 Pleasant St., Plainville 
Likes: Beer, wild, wild women 
Dislikes: '62 Chevys without 4 
barrels, MTV Ambition: Be the 
second coming of Benny Hill 
Favorite Saying: "Grrrrrrr." 


Therese Nancy Doyle 

3 Still well Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Parties with friends, 
contracts Dislikes: Woo- wee- 
woo, cliques Ambition: Our 
25th reunion held at my resturant 
and to find the missing cooler 
Favorite Saying: "You retards." 
Favorite Memory: K.P. class of 
'83, Homecoming '82 and Cold 
Duck, 8/18/82 Activities: 
President 1, 2, 3, 4, OEA 2, 
Chieftain 2, 3, 4, Hockey 
Cheerleader 2 Awards: 
Homecoming Queen 4 Other: 
Senator of Student Gov't Day 3. 

Laura Jane Ferioli 

406 Thurston St., Wrentham 
Likes: C.L.H., sunshine 
Dislikes: Spiders, the double 
ferris wheel at Rocky Point 
Ambition: To get out of the 
great white north Favorite 
Saying: "Shut up Tony!" 
Favorite Memory: 12/5/81 
Activities: National Honor 
Society 3, 4. 

Cynthia A. Eykel 

47 Needham St., Norfolk 
Likes: Snowstorms, being with 
friends Dislikes: Being sick, 
getting up early Ambition: To 
be happy with everything that 
comes my way Favorite 
Saying: "NO WAY!!" Favorite 
Memory: 8/80 Activities: 
National Honor Society 3, 4. 

John G. Endruschat 

11 Colonial Way, Plainville 

Mark L. Elliot 

331 Franklin St., Wrentham 
Likes: Year round snowstorms, 
S.L. Dislikes: Mendes's parties 
Ambition: To make it on the 
U.S. Grand Prix Circuit 
Favorite Saying: "What's 
zup?" Favorite Memory: 
Waking up to see M. Nevins and 
M. Mendes at M.G.H. 

Angela Marie Eblan 

258 Dedham St., Wrentham 
Likes: Being with the M.D., 
butterscotch sundaes Dislikes: 
Being stuck at home, hillwork at 
Sweat Hill Ambition: To be a 
nurse and to be eternally happy 
Favorite Saying: "Good things 
come to those who wait. " 
Favorite Memory: Time spent 
at Horse Neck Beach Activities; 
Cross Country 1, 2, 4-Capt., 
Winter Track 1, 2, Spring Track 
1, 2, 3, 4-Capt. 

Christine Ferland 

96 Wampum St., Wrentham 
Likes: Frank, beach Dislikes: 
Red Mahbus, onions Ambition: 
Go to a four year college to 
successfully find an ambition 
Favorite Saying: "Grrrrrr." 
Favorite Memory: Junior Prom 
Activities: National Honor 
Society 3, 4, Football 
Cheerleader 3, 4-Capt., Cross 
Country 1, Basketball 
Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Hockey 
Cheerleader 3, 4, Winter Track 
1, Spring Track 1 Awards: 
Varsity letters. 

Julie Ellis 

1 Wade Rd., Plainville 
Likes: Being happy, being with 
Todd Dislikes: Cliques, arguing 
with friends and boyfriend 
Ambition: To be happy and to . 
become a word processing 
manager Favorite Saying: "I 
was so psyched!!" Favorite 
Memory: 6/30/82, 9/21/82 
Activities: Sr. Class Council, 
OEA 4-Treasurer, Chieftain 4, 
Football Cheerleader 3, 4-Capt., 
Cross Country 1, Basketball 
Cheerleader 2, 3, Hockey 
Cheerleader 3, Winter Track 1, 
Spring Track 1, 2. 


Kimberly Ann 

78 South St., Plainville 
Likes: 7th dimension, weekends 
Dislikes: 1st dimension, when 
M.M. plays "Miss Congo" 
woman Ambition: To be 
successful and happy Favorite 
Saying: "Robin, what dimension 
you in?" Favorite Memory: 
10/30/82, summer oi '82 
Activities: DECA 3, 4. 

Mary Ellen Flower 

20 Sharlene Ln., Plainville 
Likes: B.W., drinking Dislikes: 
School, getting up in the 
morning Ambition: To become 
fat Favorite Saying:: "Wanna 
skip?" Favorite Memory: 

Kathy French 

17 Ewald Ave., Plainville 
Likes: J.M., partying Dislikes: 
Monday mornings, in-house 
Ambition: To live a happy and 
successful life Favorite Saying: 
"Tell me about it!" Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '81 
Activities: VICA 3, 4. 

Deborah. Ann Finley 

35 Park St., Norfolk 
Likes: Watching the sunrise at 
the ocean, making people happy 
Dislikes: Sad goodbyes, cold 
weather Ambition: To be a 
happily married physical therapist 
Favorite Saying: "Hullooo!" 
Favorite Memory: My 
friendship with Vicki Werning 
Activities: Class Officer 1, 2- 
Vice Pres., 4-Secretary, Sr. Class 
Council, Chieftain 4, Field 
Hockey 1,2, 4, Tennis 1,2, 3, 4- 
Capt. Awards: Honorable 
Mention in Woonsocket Call for 
field hockey, Semi-formal Queen 
in 1981. 

Tony Figueras 

19 Mohegan St., Norfolk 
Likes: Making fun of puppets, 
ice cream Dislikes: puppets, 
studying Ambition: Medical 
school Favorite Saying: 
"What's up?" Favorite 
Memory: Track '82 Activities: 
National Honor Society 3, 4, 
Basketball 3, Spring Track 1, 2, 
3, 4 Awards: National Merit 
Society, commendation for 

Siobhan Fitzgerald 

54 Winter St., Wrentham 
Likes: Celtics, snow Dislikes: 
Cheese, seafood Ambition: To 
be rich Favorite Saying: "No 
Way!" Activities: Cross Country 
1 Other: Novice amature radio 

Helen Georgia Forand 

31 Pelletier Dr., Bellmgham 
Likes: Going to CYO, bike 
riding Dislikes: Sadness, rainy 
days Ambition: To become a 
machinist Favorite Memory: 
Winter in California '78 Favorite 
Saying: "What's up?" 

Todd D. Fisher 

1132 West St., Wrentham 
The Three Stooges 


Sandra D. Fretz 

7 Wompanoag St., Norfolk 
Likes: Being with Chris, summer 
Dislikes: Getting up early, cold 
weather Ambition: To be 
successful in everything I do 
Favorite Saying: "Is it Friday 
yet?" Favorite Memory: 
Summer of 82 Activities: Pep 
squad 2. 

Michael Fuller 

64 Sleepy Hollow, Wrentham 

Mike Kuza hands off to Richie 

Sarah Jean Fuller 

97 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Traveling, wintertime 
Dislikes: Secrets, rainy, dismal 
days Ambition: To have 
happiness and share it Favorite 
Saying: "Hey kiddo!" Favorite 
Memory: Canadian summers, 
Holland '81 Activities: Issues 3, 
4, National Honor Society 3, 4 
Other: Stony Brook Camera 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Gary Thomas 


3 Pocumtuck Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Dead, brown bombers 
Dislikes: Redeyes, heros 
Ambition: To break on through 
Favorite Saying: "Take it slow" 
Activities: Basketball 2. 

Judith Anne Fruci 

75 Hamilton Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Being with Jack, rainbows 
Dislikes: Cruelty to animals, 
Christmas without snow 
Ambition: To be successful in 
what ever I do Favorite 
Saying: "No sa!" Favorite 
Memory: 12/5, first snowstorm of 

Sandra Frizzell 

55 Lincoln Ave., Plain ville 
Likes: Sports, Carlton Fisk 
Dislikes: Term papers, fetal pigs 
Ambition: Physical Education 
Favorite Saying: "Oh, well." 
Favorite Memory: TP.'ing with 
the '82 basketball team 
Activities: Field Hockey I, 
Basketball 1, 3, 4, Softball 1,2, 3, 

David P. Gage 

31 Seekonk St., Norfolk 
Likes: Steffanie, bugging Julie 
Dislikes: Egg salad, spruce gum 
Ambition: Computer 
Technician Favorite Saying: 
"That was great!" Favorite 
Memory: Skiing at Lake Tahoe,; 
12/82, class party at Horseneck 
6/82 Activities: Issues 2, 
Chieftain 1, 2, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4. 

It's been a hard day. 


Carl Green 

11 Crestwood Ave., Plain ville 

Alice Marie Harrington 

44 Union St., Norfolk 
Likes: Weekends, B52's 
Dislikes: School lunches, hard 
times Ambition: To live a 
happy lite Favorite Saying: 
"ee-ee-ee" Favorite Memory: 
Summer '82, B52's concert, 24-31 
Activities: OEA 2, 3, 4. 

Mark Harmon 

6 Grant St., Plain ville 
Likes: Playing the drums, Led 
Zeppelin Dislikes: Snotty girls, 
car payments Ambition: To 
make it in a band Favorite 
Saying: "Dude" Fa vorite 
Memory: Summer '81. 

Jill Kinsey Hardy 

1 Overlea Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: The green bomb, close 
friends Dislikes: Being left out, 
early curfews Ambition: To get 
a weekend off from Eagle Snacks 
Favorite Saying: "Funniest 
thing ..." Favorite Memory: 
Foundation after the Jamboree 
'81 Activities: Student Council 
4, Sr. Class Council 4, Deca 3- 
Secretary, 4 Secretary, Softball 1, 
2, 3, 4 Awards: Food Marketing 
Manuel 5th place, Food 
Marketing CBCE 3rd & finalist. 

Bruce E. Hamlin 

281 Main St., Norfolk 
Likes: Walpole Mall, summer 
nights at the beach Dislikes: 
School, chemistry Ambition: 
Dairy farmer Favorite Saying: 
"No, somehow I think not" 
Favorite Memory: 3/12/82. 

Glen Edward Hall 

13 Bugbee St., Plain ville 
Likes: Allison, life Dislikes: 
Snobs, working weekends 
Ambition: Para Rescue 
(U.S.A.F.) Favorite Saying: 
"B.I.O. Y.A." Favorite Memory: 
Texas, the Wall, Rogerson's gang 
Activities: DECA 3, 4, Band 4, 
Soccer 3, Winter Track 1, 2, 
Spring Track 1,2, 4. 

"Dingus" Gage 

12 Masconemet Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Cheeks, snow Dislikes: 
Depression, Schmidt Specials 
Ambition: To find the perfect 
g.m. or t.h. Favorite Saying: 
"Such cute cheeks!" Favorite 
Memory: NESBA, time spent with 
W.A. and S. W. Activities: 
Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 
WJMQ 1, 2, Band 2, 3, Band 
Council 3, Colorguard 1, 2, 3, 
WKPH 3, 4, Sachem 2, 3, 4 
Awards: NESBA Honors Band 
82, MASP '82. 

Jeffrey S. Grant 

9 Valerie Dr., Plain ville 
Likes: Hendrix, football 
Dislikes: The puppet, shmucks 
Ambition: Engineer Favorite 
Saying: "Get him off me" 
Favorite Memory: Basketball 
trip to Nantucket Activities: 
Football 1,2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 
2, 3 


Donna Higgins 


12 Treasure Island Rd., Plain ville 
Likes: Parties, D.I. Dislikes: 
Getting up for school, H.O. 's 
Ambition: To be a partner with 
Shannon and Andrea for a new 
Plainville Drive-ln Favorite 
Saying: "Is it Friday yet?" 
Favorite Memory: 8/23/81 
Activities: DEC A 3, Awards: 
Filth place at Districts, Second 
place at States (DECA), Who's 

Who Among American High 
School Students. 

Elizabeth Anne 

31 Tucker Rd., Norlolk 
Likes: R.H.P.S., B-52's Dislikes: 
Boring people, Pac-man 
Ambition: To be successful and 
happy with everything I do 
Favorite Saying: "Catch ya!" 
Favorite Memory: Last summer 
with all my friends Activities: 
Drama 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4- 
Colorguard Capt., Band Council 
4, ]azz Band Manager 3, 4. 

Karen Henderson 

23 Boardman St., Norfolk 
Likes: Tim, weekends with 
friends Dislikes: Saying good- 
bye Ambition: To be very 
successful Favorite Saying: 
"TTTAG-A-TTOGG" Favorite 
Memory: Senior year, Black Rd., 
Ha Ha Summer '82 Activities: 
Student Council 2, 4, OEA 2, 
Soccer 2, 4 Other: Regional 
Advisory Council 4. 

Edwin Harrop, Jr. 

11 West Bacon St., Plainville 

David R. Hendry 

179 Walnut Rd., Wrentham 

Mark Higgins 

29 Pleasant St., Plainville 
Likes: Sports, vacations 
Dislikes: Gorillas, dead chickens 
Ambition: To own my own 
computer company Favorite 
Saying: "No way!" Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '82 
Activities: Football 1, 3, 4, 
Cross Country 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 

Tracy L. Hartford 


7 Apple Tree Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Laughing, partying with 
A.A., K.C, D.H., C.J., S.K., R.L., 
and H.S. Dislikes: "Pop" music, 
pessimists Ambition: To live an 
exciting life Favorite Saying: 
"Good deal!" Favorite 
Memory: 8/24/82, when the 
Softball team got suspended for 
celebrating with champagne in 
the locker room Activities: 
Cross Country 3, Basketball 1, 2, 
3, 4, Softball 1,2,3, 4. 

Catherine M. Hayes 

9 Overlea Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: John, Corvettes Dislikes: 
Bucket seats, getting up in the 
morning Ambition: To own a 
lavender convertible 'vette 
Favorite Saying: "Buzz off" 
Favorite Memory: 4/2/82 
Activities: OEA 2, 3 Awards: 
Fourth place-prepared speech 
OEA State Conference, First 
place- prepared speech OEA 
State Conference 3. 

Cheeks at work 


John Howard 

7 Crestwood Ave., Plainville 

Steve Howard 

745 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: Geannie, parties 
Dislikes: School, getting up 
early Ambition: To own a 
restaurant Favorite Saying: 
"What?" Favorite Memory: 
Food light in shop. 

Brenda S. Hough 

57 Cherry St., Wrentham 
Likes: The honest smile of a 
friend, laughing so hard you 
can 't breathe Dislikes: Cold, 
soggy brussel sprouts, needing to 
escape but not being able to run 
Ambition: To make everyone 1 
meet a little bit happier Favorite 
Saying: "Hey Unus, do ya wanna 
go ta Stah Mahket?!" Favorite 
Memory: Summer in Spain, hot 
air ballooning, LaSallete Shrine 
with L.S. Activities: Student 
Council 3, Drama 1 , 2, Tennis 2, 
3, 4-Capt. 

Deborah A. Hobbs 

51 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Baseball studs, spending 
time at Julie's Dislikes: 
Tipperillos, people with VL 
Ambition: Biochemist Favorite 
Saying: ' 'Ask me what 1 did this 
weekend" Favorite Memory: 
10/13/82 with Debbi, Mike and 
Kevin Activities: Sr. Class 
Council, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, 
Baseball 3, 4-stat. Awards: Voice 
of Democracy Contest-Certificate 
of Merit, Boston Globe Scholastic 
Art Award. 

Tammy Lee Horton 

12 Sidney St., Plainville 
Likes: Carl, being with good 
friends Dislikes: Early mornings, 
snobs Ambition: To have a 
good job, get married and be 
happy Favorite Saying: 
"Wherrre is it" Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '82, 10/23, 
S.D. 's party, the clown. 

James Allen 

4 Redcoat Ln., Plainville 
Likes: Exotic cuisine, music 
Dislikes: Insincerity, sneezing 
Ambition: To cut a record 
before '87 Favorite Saying: 
"Your mama!" Favorite 
Memory: 9/17/82, 10:15 stretch 
giving blood Activities: Drama 
1,2,3, 4, Band 1,2,3, 4, Band 
Council 4-Pres., Boys State 3, 
WKPH 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Golf 1 
Tennis 2 Other: Jazz Band 1, 2, 

3, 4, JA 2, Lions All-State Band 

4, Chorus 1, 2. 

"I don 't believe this. " 

David Hooper 

108 Archer St., Wrentham 
Likes: Parties, driving with 
Nevins Dislikes: Being a bench 
warmer, mustang accident 
Ambition: Become successful 
Favorite Memory: Phoenix 
School Activities: Football 1, 3, 

Dawna Marie Hooper 

108 Archer St., Wrentham 
Likes: The beach, Rick 
Dislikes: Vegetables Ambition: 
To become successful and rich 
Favorite Saying: "You're 
making fun of me again " 
Favorite Memory: 9/12/81 
Activities: Student Council 2, 3, 
Soccer 1, 2. 


Francis Johnson 

15 Lakeshore Dr., Norfolk 

Stephen M. Issler 

15 Washington St., Plain ville 

Beth A. Jionzo 

321 Shear St., Wrentham 

James David Hutchins 

"Big Jim" 
93 Rockwood Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Instruments of destruction, 
science fiction Dislikes: 
Communism, nosy people 
Ambition: To be an Interstellar 
Quadrant Commander Favorite 
Saying: "Ya, I hear ya" Favorite 
Memory: The wars Activities: 
Band 2. 

Laura Johnson 

65 High St., Plamville 
Likes: My man (the guy), music 
Dislikes: World conditions, 
nylons that don 't fit Ambition: 
To find a career, to live in 
paradise Favorite Saying: 
"C'mon child, you make me 
gag!" Favorite Memory: When 
Nancy growled at the jellybeans 
at BF's, Matt's seam ripper! 

Above: "Seniors never fall". 

Tom D. Hughes 

11 Norwell St., Norfolk 
Likes: Beethoven, Andy's chili 
Dislikes: Eggs, long term 
English assignments Ambition: 
Theoretical physicist-To develop 
a theory of quantum gravity 
Favorite Saying: "I'm hungry" 
Favorite Memory: June 12, 
August 16-22, 1982 Activities: 
Math league 1, National Honor 
Society 3, 4, Chieftain 1, 2, 
Spring track 1 Awards: National 
Merit Semifinalist. 

Above: "I give that one a 10-h." 

Tenley Gail Hughes 

Birch Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Water skiing, being with 
Scott Dislikes: Sunday nights, 
wearing braces Ambition: To 
make my dreams come true 
Favorite Saying: "Later 
Buddy" Favorite Memory: 
1/2/82, when I met Sarah in 5th 
grade Activities: Cross Country 
1, Softball 2. 

Edwin C. Johnson, Jr. 

5 Still well Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Rush, computers 
Dislikes: Feedback, cheese 
Ambition: To become an 
electrical engineer Favorite 
Saying: "How's it goin'?" 
Favorite Memory: Summer of 


Shannon E. Kearns 

101 Ellery St., Wrentham 
Likes: M&M's, going out with 
A.A., D.H., T.H., R.L. Dislikes: 
Car breaking down, the J.D. 
aftermath Ambition: To be 
successful in everything I do. 
Favorite Saying: "Duze yor 
dog biite?" Favorite Memory: 
Nantucket Basketball, 
Champagne '81 Activities: OEA 
2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Capt., 
Softball 2 Awards: 3 Varsity 

Rebecca Ann Johnson 

126 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Dana, being with friends 
Dislikes: School, mornings 
Ambition: To become a 
successful business woman 
Favorite Memory: April 2, 
1982-First date with Dana 
Activities: DECA 3, 4. 

Ain 7 love grand. 

Theresa M. Jones 

3 Valentine Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Real men, grey hair 
Dislikes: Early mornings, school 
Ambition: To leave this small 
town way behind Favorite 
Saying: "Ooooh Baby" Favorite 
Memory: Summer and Bash of 
'82 Activities: fee Hockey 3, 4 
Other: "Good luck Jennifer and 
Robin, you're going to need it. " 

Rohyn Johnson 

"Watermelon Seeds" 
126 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Being with my friends, 
the 7th Dimension Dislikes: 1st 
Dimension, smelly B.H. s and 
M.T. Ambition: To get out of 
school and get a good job 
Favorite Saying: "Kim, what 
dimension are you in?" Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '82- cruising 
N.A. with K.F. & D.B. 

Kathleen Shawna Kelly 

"Kathy K." 
86 Woodland Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Guys with curly hair, 
being with family and friends 
Dislikes: Headaches, cligues 
Ambition: To overthrow Costa's 
regime and let the asylum run 
wild Favorite Saying: "NO 
PROBLEM!!!" Favorite 
Memory: Room 262(N.J.), times 
spent with friends Activities: 
Color Guard 2, 3-Capt., 4-Senior 
Capt., Band Council 3, 4, Soccer 
2, 4 Other: Likes having a 
TANGO of a time with Kathy 
O'C and friends. 

Christine Jost 

9 Mirimichi St., Plain ville 
Likes: Pete Townshend, 
traveling Dislikes: "Pop music", 
stale twinkies Ambition: To 
succeed Favorite Saying: "Live 
long and prosper" Favorite 
Memory: Nantucket '82 with T.H., 
H.S., and S.S. Activities: Drama 
1, Art Club 2, National Honor 
Society 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 4, 
Cross Country 3. 

Diana M. Jostin 

8 Malcolm St., Norfolk 
Likes: Weekends, Miguel 
Dislikes: Mondays, spam 
Ambition: Travel around the 
world, Travel to school Favorite 
Saying: "ee-ee-ee" Favorite 
Memory: T.W.T.D.- Summer of 
'82 Activities: DECA 3, 4 
Other: B-52's concert. 

Robin Johnson 

30 Warren St., Wrentham 


Susan M. Kirby 

95 Myrtle St., Wren t ham 
Likes: Purple, Drinking (Bud) 
Dislikes: Getting bagged lor 
coming home late, hangovers 
Ambition: Dancing Favorite 
Saying: "What a drag!" Favorite 
Memory: The P.F. at B & B's with 
the S.L. 8-28-82 Activities: 
Soccer 2, 4, Gymnastics 1. 

Judith Anne Korslund 

25 Apple Ln., W rent ham 
Likes: Coiiee brandy, Korslund 
parties BCN style Dislikes: 
Classwork, preps Ambition: To 
become a baker Favorite 
Saying: "Sensual!" Favorite 
Memory: Good times in Culinary 
Arts with Phyllis, Missy, and 
Dariene Activities: VIC A 4. 

Michael Kelly 

9 Malcolm St., Norfolk 
Likes: Girls, parties Dislikes: 
Getting up early, having to work 
for a living Ambition: To be 
Frank's bodyguard Favorite 
Saying: "Excellent, Excellent!!" 
Favorite Memory: Partying 
with Van Halen Activities: Ice 
Hockey 2, 3, 4-Capt. Awards: 3 
varsity letters in hockey. 

Mariette Laliberte 

360 Forest Grove Ave., 
Likes: Snoopy, Charlie H. 
Dislikes: Pac-man, waiting 
Ambition: To marry a 
millionaire Favorite Saying: 
"You had to be there" Favorite 
Memory: 10/26/82 (C.H.), my 
Grandmother Activities DECA 
3 Awards: DECA 1st place 
trophy at Districts, 2nd place 
trophy at States, 1st place 
medallion at States, Who's Who 
Among American High School 
Students Other: To Tenley: 
Thanks lor being such a good 

Scott Kelly 

2 Huntington Ave., Wrentham 
Likes: TNK parties, graduation 
day Dislikes: "Meatloaf", 
beaching my car in the snow 
when I'm late for midterms 
Ambition: To become 
financially independant before 
I'm 30 yrs. old Favorite Saying: 
"I'm ugh an' da babes go wild!" 
Favorite Memory: December 
24th, 1996 Activities: DECA 3 
Awards: DECA Districts 3rd 
place overall, States 2nd place 
overall, Nationals 1 out of 7 top 
m the country Promotional 
advertising Other: Who's Who 
Among American Students, 

John M. Kinlin 

427 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: The B-52's, Twin-I-Beam's 
Dislikes: Teacher in Rm. 221, 
onions Ambition: To become a 
millionaire Favorite Saying: 
"Excellent" Favorite Memory: 
My 16th birthday present from 
my Dad Activities: Vice Pres. 3, 
Student Council 1, 2, Boy's State 
3, Football 1, Golf 1,2,3, Ice 
Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4-Capt. Other: 
This is the end . . . 

Michael Kuza 

1 1 Millbrook Dr., Plainville 
Likes: Rush, G.G. Dislikes: 
Warp 5 in the van, Taps and the 
circuit Ambition: To play 
football in Texas Favorite 
Saying: "Want some candy little 
girl?" Favorite Memory: 
Ending mail delivery with B.L., 
C.B., J.C, T.D., M.C Activities: 
Basketball 1, Football 1,2, 3, 4- 
Capt, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4-Capt. 

Heather Redfern Kohut 

62 Park St., Wrentham 
Likes: New Wave, true friends 
Dislikes: Liars, having parties 
with guns Ambition: To quit 
smoking Favorite Saying: 
"Like, toe-dully furshurr!" 
Favorite Memory: N.H. with 
C.B., scheming with R.S. 
Activities: Art Club 2, Chieftain 
4- Co-Editor, Winter Track 2. 


Donna Lynne Larkin 

54 Miller St., Norfolk 
Likes: Balloons, Canada 
Dislikes: Being rushed, getting 
up early Ambition: College, 
music composer and singer 
Favorite Memory: Chicago 
1982, Cape Cod, 1982 
Activities: DECA 3, 4 Awards: 
1st in Districts, 1st in States -3. 

Anthony F. Leonard, 


372 Mam St., Norfolk 
Likes: Eyebrows, Budweiser Dis- 
likes: Sarcastic girls, my car Am- 
bition: Not to have to work Satur- 
day nights Favorite Saying: 
"You guys are Brutal!" Favorite 
Memory: The night I died of bub- 
bles Activities: DECA 3-Pres., 4- 
Pres., Football 2, Spring Track 1, 2 
Awards: 1st place District and 
State DECA Competition, Who's 
Who Among American High 
School Students Other: "Scott, 
you'll pay for this!" 

Jeffrey S. Lewin 

4 Ferndale Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Sports, "Quisp" Dislikes: 
Weekend speed workouts, term 
papers Ambition: To live a long 
and successful life Favorite Say- 
ing: "What, Where, When, Why, 
How, Who?" Activities: Cross 
Country 1, 2, 3, 4-Capt., Basketball 

1, Winter Track 1, Spring Track 1, 

2, 3, 4 Awards: Cross Country 
Hockomock League All-Star 3, 4, 
1st Team All-Stars- Woonsocket 
Call and Milford D*Hey News 4. 

Ted LeBlanc 

"Ted ley" 
6 Harvard Ave., Plain ville 
Likes: Computers, science fiction 
Dislikes: School lunch, ignorant 
people Ambition: To transcend 
the limits of time and space 
Favorite Saying: "Rubbish!" 
Favorite Memory: Junior year 
Awards: The great key, sash of 
Rassalan, the matrix. 

Francois R. Lefebvre 

31 Trenton St., So. Bellingham 

Melissa Lennay 

76 Thurston St., Wrentham 

Richard E. Lennay 

389 School St., Norfolk 

"f wonder where Sonya is now. 

Jo Anna LeBlanc 

13 Freemont St., Plainville 
Likes: MTV, video games 
Dislikes: Immature people, S.I. 
& M.M. Ambition: To become 
an R.N. Favorite Saying: "No 
sah!" Favorite Memory: 
Graduation Activities: Issues 1. 


Kathleen M. Lincoln 

139 Park St., Wrentham 
Likes: Good wine, lovin' with S. 
Dislikes: Ignorant people, 
unsociable socialites Ambition: 
To own a classy restaurant/hotel 
Favorite Saying: "Really." 
Favorite Memory: Summer of 
'81 and on . . . Activities: 
Basketball Cheerleading 2 
Awards: Varsity letter for 

Karen Marie 


360 Main St., Norfolk 
Likes: Franklin, guys wearing 
leather Dislikes: K.P., waiting 
for Dale Ambition: To own a 
fast, hyped -up car!!! Favorite 
Saying: "I wanna slap her!" 
Favorite Memory: J. Geils 
Concert '81 Other: Favorite 
hangouts- King's parking lot and 
White Hen. 

Patrick J. Loughlin 

42 Shears St., Wrentham 
Likes: Bruce Springsteen, the 
owl Dislikes: Bouncing checks, 
P.E. Ambition: To get a 
mohawk and move out of my 
house by the time I'm 18 
Favorite Saying: "No 
problem. " Favorite Memory: 
11-1-82 Activities: Football 1, 2, 
3, 4, Baseball 2. 

Robert F. Luongo 

14 Oak Dr., Plain ville 

Laurette G. Lundstedt 

18 Sharlene Ln., Plainville 

Brendan Lynch. 

639 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: O.M. s, the owl Dislikes: 
H.O., meetings Favorite 
Saying: "All over it!" Favorite 
Memory: 1 1 - 1 -82 Activities: 
Football 1,2, 3, 4. 

Roberta Jean Ludwig 

21 Washington St., Plainville 
Likes: Chuck, snowy days 
Dislikes: Monday mornings, 
followers Ambition: To be 
successful in my career and 
happy with CS. Favorite 
Saying: "Is it Friday yet?" 
Favorite Memory: March 7, 
1981 Activities: DECA 3, 
Chieftain 4 Awards: 4th place in 
DECA at Districts. 

Kendra Jean Lukens 

20 Cleveland St., Norfolk 
Likes: Fall days, kittens 
Dislikes: Snobby people, 
unhappy faces Ambition: To be 
the best I can be, to be happy 
Favorite Saying: "Keep 
smihn'!" Favorite Memory: 
Going to Virginia Activities: 
Soccer 2, Cross Country 1. 

Seniors get psyched for pep rally 


Shannon Elizabeth 

216 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: Food, Mustangs Dislikes: 
Sophomore rumors, (at thighs 
Ambition: To make it through 
school and a whole year without 
an accident Favorite Saying: "I 
can't see that far!" Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '82 8/18- 
8/21 Activities: Chieftain 4, 
Gymnastics 1, 2, Football 
Cheerleading 2, 4, Basketball 
Cheerleading 3, 4-Capt., Hockey 
Cheerleading 3, 4-Capt. Other: 
Good luck Kristy- we'll miss yal 

Leo Macdonald 

29 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Baby Jim Dislikes: 
Women's lib, Fred's welding 
service Ambition: World 
famous short order cook 
Favorite Saying: "Wrongga!" 
Favorite Memory: Summer of 

Laura Mackie 

40 Turner St., Norfolk 
Likes: Cord, my weekends off 
Dislikes: B.B. 's big mouth, wow- 
e-woo with a flashlight 
Ambition: To be a rich nurse 
Favorite Saying: "Really?" 
Favorite Memory: Summer of 
"82 " Activities: VIC A 3, 4 
Other: "Jeff, are you driving 
home tonight?" 

Marie Mahoney 

62 Needham St., Norfolk 
Likes: Children, social work 
Dislikes: Station wagons, 
Heartland Ambition: To work in 
a half-way house Favorite 
Saying: "Well!" Favorite 
Memory: The Prom Activities: 
OEA 4. 

Robert J. MacLean 

184 Park St., Wrentham 

Lauren MacKenney 

"Mama Laurent" 
52 Pond St., Norfolk 
Likes: Fashion designing, art 
Dislikes: Insincerity Ambition: 
To be successful in happiness 
Favorite Memory: Having my 
real friends close Activities: 
Drama 2, 3, 4, Math League 1, 
Art Club 1, Band 3-Man., 4, 
Sachem 4, WKPH 3, 4, National 
Honor Society 3, 4, Chieftain 4 
Awards: Boston Globe 
Scholastic Art Awards 1, 3. 

Nancy E. Maduskuie 

354 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: Sports, science Dislikes: 
Losing, gossip Ambition: 
Nursing first, then eventually a 
physician Favorite Saying: 
"Good Job. " Favorite Memory: 
MA basketball tournament, 
beating Brighton in the first 
round ('80) Activities: National 
Honor Society 3, 4-Treas., 
Chieftain 4, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 
4, Basketball 1,2,3, 4, Softball 1, 
2, 3, 4 Awards: Hockomock All 
Star for Field Hockey and 
Softball, Woonsocket Call All 
Star for Field Hockey and 
Softball, Sun Chronicle All Star 
for Field Hockey, Basketball and 
Softball, American High School 
Athlete Award. 

Chris and Jon 

faithful K.P. 


Vin Marino 

202 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: Study halls, strikes 
Dislikes: People that can 't be 
wrong Ambition: To become a 
plumber Favorite Saying: 
"JFP=PFJ" Favorite Memory: 
Going on strike Activities: 
Student council 4, Student 
Advisory Council 4, Football 1, 3, 
Baseball 2. 

Mary Elizabeth 

19 Noon Hill Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Music, sunny days 
Dislikes: Driving without the 
radio on, overcooked pizza 
Ambition: To be successful in 
the business world Favorite 
Saying: ' 'Omigod, I forgot to do 
my French homework!" Favorite 
Memory: Styx concert "81" 
Activities: Pep Sguad 2 Other: 
"I wonder what tomorrow has in 
mind for me or am I even in its 
mind at all?" 

Paul Mahoney 

9 Quail Run, Norfolk 
Likes: Bud, summer Dislikes: 
Cigarettes, heros Ambition: To 
travel extensively and try new 
things Favorite Saying: "So!" 
Favorite Memory: Summer 
"82" Activities: Football 2. 

Jeffrey A. Marsden 


175 Cumberland Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: The Dallas Cowboys, the 
Beatles Dislikes: The puppet, 
shmucks Ambition: To retire 
before 40 Favorite Saying: 

"Some-how, get 'em off me!" 
Favorite Memory: The stakeout 
at Wrentham center Activities: 
Football 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3. 

John Masterson 

20 Spring St., Norfolk 
Likes: Mar, skiing Dislikes: 
School food, losing again and 
again Ambition: To ride on the 
Clyesdale drawn Budweiser 
Wagon Favorite Saying: 
"Quality!" Activities: Football 4, 
Soccer 2. 

Michael McCarthy 

59 Cypress Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Money, arcades Dislikes: 
Homework, Pac-man Ambition: 
To be rich Favorite Saying: 
"Right!" Favorite Memory: 
Black Sabbath concert 
Activities: Math League 4, Golf 
l 2. 

A last ditch effort lor Julie and 

Carol L. McClintock 

76 Common St., Wrentham 
Likes: Music, being with friends 
Dislikes: Rainy days, busy 
signals Ambition: To be a 
doctor Favorite Saying: "Oh, 
my god!" Favorite Memory: 
Ski weekend of 1982 Activities: 
Math League 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 
Issues 3, Sachem 3, 4, National 
Honor Society 3, 4. 

Jeff McDavitt 

199 Janice dr., Wrentham 
Likes: The Rolling Stones, Skoal 
Dislikes: Lizards, W.P.D. 
Ambition: To graduate 
Favorite Saying: "Quality, 
Quality, Quality!" Favorite 
Memory: The great Wrentham 
center stake-out. 


Daniel P. McDonnell 

21 Village Green, Norfolk 

Michelle Mendes 

52 South St., Plainville 
Likes: Carl, partying Dislikes: 
School, stuck-up snobs 
Ambition: To be rich and 
famous Favorite Saying: 
"Whatever turns you on!" 
Favorite Memory: 12/27/81, 
summer of '82. 

Michael McGlynn 

21 Spring St., Wrentham 
Likes: Lowdown skankadoo, late 
night with David Letterman 
Dislikes: All mankind, all music 
Ambition: To make more 
money than there is Favorite 
Saying: "The answer is in your 
head so find it. " Favorite 
Memory: The resignation of 
Alexander Haig. 

Fred Meda 

64 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: Pam, hunting, Dislikes: 
Preppies, school of all kinds 
Ambition: To get a job and get 
married Favorite Saying: "Hoo- 
Haa/ Dan and Joe / if it don 't fit 
get a bigger hammer!" Favorite 
Memory: Strike, Pam Activities: 
Student Council 4, Spotfighters 4, 
Drama 4, VICA 4-Pres. 

Daniel P. Melish 

712 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: Motorcycling, being a 
truck owner Dislikes: Raw 
McNuggets, trying to follow Mr. 
Morgan in trig Ambition: To be 
a successful mechanical engineer 
Favorite Saying: "Ya wanna 
jet?" Favorite Memory: 
Summer 1982 Activities: 
Chieftain 4. 

Andrea Miller 

19 Spring St., Norfolk 
Likes: Independence, good 
music Dislikes: 

Misunderstandings, horror flicks 
Ambition: Personal and 
professional sucess Favorite 
Saying: "What a drag! '" Favorite 
Memory: T.R. and U. at the M.E., 
Lincoln Woods 82 Activities: 
Student Council 1, DECA 3, 4, 
Sr. Class Council, National Honor 
Society 3, 4, Football 
Cheerleader 3, Softball 1, 2 
Awards: 6 DECA awards, 
including a National award, 
Who's Who Among American 
High School Students. 

Christopher T. Mikulis 

70 Warren St., Plainville 
Likes: DM., Basketball Dislikes: 
Busy signals, British Literature 
Ambition: To become a 
successful computer engineer 
Favorite Saying: "Wrong!" 
Activities: National Honor 
Society 3, 4, Football 1, 
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Capt., Spring 
Track 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2. 

Michael Mendes 

52 South St., Plainville 
Likes: The Rolling Stones, a 
good party Dislikes: Driving 
with Mark Nevins, getting 
bagged for 3rd period 
Ambition: To retire at the age 
of 30 Favorite Saying: "Shut 
up Peavey!" Favorite Memory: 
The first Mach-1. 


Karen Imelda 


56 Lake Shore Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: The Rolling Stones, being 
with friends Dislikes: Snobs, 
plastic people Ambition: Own 
and run my own orphanage in 
Australia Favorite Saying: 
"Way to be. " Favorite 
Memory: 3/82 Activities: OEA 
3, 4, Band 3 Awards: Records 
Management I, 6th place in state 
OEA Other: Rock and Roll lives 

Glenn E. Moore 

62 Taunton St., Plain vi He 
Likes: Fixing up cars, money 
Dislikes: Rainy days, fourth 
lunch Ambition: To own my 
own garage and be wealthy 
Favorite Saying: "I don't 
care!" Favorite Memory: 

Renea Marie Mullaney 

340 Main St., Norfolk 
Likes: Being with Eric, going to 
hockey games Dislikes: Bad 
weekends, fighting with my 
boyfriend Ambition: To be a 
fashion merchandiser Favorite 
Saying: "Hey Babe, what's up?" 
Favorite Memory: King's 
parking lot with Kris and Patty 
Activities: OEA 2, 3, 4-Sec, 
Tennis 3, 4 Awards: 4th in 
Business Proofreading and 
Spelling in OEA competition, 
varsity letters for Boy's Tennis- 
Manager Other: "Live each day 
as it comes; Don 't try to plan the 
future. " 

Karyn Movsessian 

23 Fruit St., Norfolk 

Nancy Lynne Morse 

398 South St., Plamville 
Likes: Eating, weekends 
Dislikes: Decisions, diets 
Ambition: To go a whole day 
without a problem Favorite 
Saying: "Look at my hands!" 
Favorite Memory: The W.K. 
M.N. s at D.N. 's with W. W., 
Florida Activities: Student 
Council 1, 2, Sr. Class Council, 
DECA 3, 4 Awards: 2nd and 4th 
place DECA competition Other: 
"hey Phones . . . Sandwiches 
under the Counter!" 

Karen Miller 

80 Messenger St., Plain ville 
Likes: Music, swimming 
Dislikes: Snobs, French 
homework Ambition: To be an 
electrical engineer and wealthy 
Favorite Saying: "Ah, well!" 
Favorite Memory: Jr.-Sr. Prom 
Activities: Drama 3, 4, Math 
League 1, 2, 3, 4-Capt., Band 2, 
Band Council 2, Issues 3, 4, 
National Honor Society 4, Cross 
Country 4, Awards: Math 
League- highest scorer, Voice of 
Democracy, Framingham State 
College Chapter of Phi Alpha 
Theta for Historical excellence. 

James Moore 

423 South St., Plamville 
Likes: Freedom, trucks Dislikes: 
School, snobs Ambition: To be 
a truck driver Favorite Saying: 
"Get outta here!" Activities: 
Winter Track 1, 2, Spring Track 
1, 2, 3, 4 Awards: Varsity letter. 

"How 'ya deen?" - Carrie Wylie 

Linda Moran 

2 Old Coach Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Tom Petty, good friends 
Dislikes: Endings, critical people 
Ambition: Red Porshe 944 
turbo Favorite Saying: "You're 
such a dizz!" Favorite Memory: 
11/24/27 Activities: OEA 1, 2, 
DECA 3, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Field 
Hockey 1, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Softball 


Andrew J. Nichols 

18 Everett St., Plain ville 
Likes: Video games, sports 
Dislikes: Boring classes, tests on 
Mondays Ambition: To be 
successful in whatever I do 
Favorite Saying: "Like it!" 
Favorite Memory: Mr. Faulk's 
5th period Chemistry class. 

"My car died again this 
morning!!!"- John Roberts 

Wayne Newman 

92 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: Lovely ladies, anything 
from the year 1969 Dislikes: 
People who break up parties, 
homework Ambition: To be the 
best at what I do Favorite 
Saying: "Let's go do something. " 
Favorite Memory: Memories of 
everyone I have known through 

David Nichols 

135 Harvard Ln., Wrentham 
Likes: Cruisin and boozin, 
women and cars Dislikes: 
Getting out of bed Ambition: 
To become rich and famous 
Favorite Saying: "Watch the 
paint dudes!" Favorite 
Memory: Partying with Van 
Halen. ' 

Paul E. Nelson 

343 Main St., Norfolk 

Dawn Nelson 

58 High St., Plainville 

Mark Nevins 

29 Taunton St., Plainville 
Likes: Mickey, Michs & Buds 
Dislikes: 2-8 seasons 
Ambition: To become a world 
famous football player Favorite 
Saying: "You're incredible!" 
Favorite Memory: T.R.C. at 
1:00 a.m. Activities: Football 1, 
2, 3, 4. 

Jeff Murray 

114 Clevland St., Norfolk 
Likes: Sundays, football games 
with Pam Dislikes: Dead trucks, 
broken and bloody noses 
Ambition: To invent the endless 
keg Favorite Saying: "Ganja!" 
Favorite Memory: 11/26/82 
Activities: Football 1, 2, Golf 3, 
4, Baseball 1, 2. 

Delight Lee Newman 

453 Hancock St., Wrentham 
Likes: Dancing, meeting new 
people Dislikes: Sitting on the 
side-lines at soccer games 
Ambition: To become a flight 
attendant Favorite Saying: "Is 
my rouge too dark?" Favorite 
Memory: The WKMN'S with 
W. W. and N.M. Activities: 
Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class 
Council, Soccer 2, 4, 
Cheerleader 3, Basketball 
Cheerleader 4-Capf, Hockey 
Cheerleader 2, 4-Capt. Awards: 
Homecoming Court Other: "Do 
what you think is right; don 't be 
influenced by what others do. " 


Richard P. Nugent 

1 Grove St., Plamville 
Likes: Sue P., baseball Dislikes: 
Sundays, school Ambition: To 
go to college and be successful 
in life Favorite Saying: "-wells" 
Favorite Memory: Making 
Hockomock League All-Star 
Team Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 
3, 4 Awards: Hockomock 
League All-Star, Sun Chronicle 

Sharon O'Connor 

3 Wade Rd., Plain ville 
Likes: Ziggy, the Rolling Stones 
Dislikes: Peas, getting up in the 
morning Ambition: Medical 
Secretary Favorite Saying: 
"Don't worry about it. " Favorite 
Memory: When K. T. and I set an 
alarm oil by accident Activities: 
OEA 2, 3, 4 Awards: 4th place 
in steno competition at States, 

Jim O'Connell 

74 Berry St., Wrentham 
Likes: Robyn, being Irish 
Dislikes: Running out oi gas, 
getting caught when skipping 
Ambition: To become wealthy 
Favorite Saying: "Take it 
easy. " Favorite Memory: 
Having "Mr. D" and 3 priests 
and a pope. 

Chris and Frank at their locker 
agam-still-always . . . 

Rebecca A. Nye 

243 Leland Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Mountains to dream 
Dislikes: Boredom, people who 
think they are great Ambition: 
To live happily ever after 
Favorite Saying: "Be real!" 
Favorite Memory: 8-6-81 
Activities: National Honor 
Society 4. 

Anthony Ormsby 

19-21 Quarry Rd. Dural Sydney, 

N.S.W. Australia 
Likes: Burger King, Judas Priest 
Dislikes: 4th period, getting 
mugged Ambition: To be a 
stud like Mark Nevins Favorite 
Saying: "What's your hassle? 
You're on a roll!" Favorite 
Memory: The first day anyone 
talked to me Activities: Football 
4 Other: I want to thank K.S., 
T.S., D.N., M.K., M.M., DM.. 
G.G., D.M., J.M., P.M., G.S., 
C.W., M.E., J.C, for teaching me 
to be American. 

Kathleen Ann 

"Kathy O'C" 
86 Franklin St., Wrentham 
Likes: Parties at Berklee, burns 
from deep space Dislikes: East 
Bndgewater's drum majors, 
guppy buns Ambition: Music 
school, write a symphony 
Favorite Saying: "Let's put it 
this way-" Favorite Memory: 
July 4 at the beach, bus ride in 
N.J. ('82) Activities: Band 2, 3, 
4, Band Council 3, 4 Awards: 
NESBA Honors Band 4, Drum 
Major and Music Awards Other: 
Lions All State Band 4, West 
Chester State Conference 3, Jazz 
Ensemble 2, 3, 4. 

Jeii O'Donnell 

31 High St., Plainville 
Likes: Snow, late night at L. 's 
Dislikes: Over-concerned 
teachers, the end of weekends 
Ambition: To skimobile across 
the United States Favorite 
Saying: "Mush Mind" Favorite 
Memory: "1982-1983". 

Christopher J. O'Brien 

12 Old Coach Rd., Norfolk 


Eileen Catherine 


682 Franklin St., Wrentham 
Likes: Rick, money Dislikes: 
Waiting, being broke Ambition: 
To be very successful in 
whatever I choose Favorite 
Saying: "Kim, please tell me." 
Favorite Memory: Eddie 
Manning Activities: DECA 3, 
Awards: DECA Competency 
Service Station M/E Other: 
Would like to travel around the 
world before f make any 

Angela Marie 
Pasquan tonio 

21 Wampum St., Wrentham 
Likes: L. Alan, being with Sue 
and Tarn Dislikes: People who 
judge before knowing, LA 
Ambition: To have a career, 
get married, have twins, be 
happy, and make a video tape of 
T.W. Favorite Saying: "What 
did you say? I can't hear you?" 
Favorite Memory: Sue's 
parties, meeting Alan again, Nov. 
16, the clown, Bobby's, B. W.A., 
senior year. 

D. Jon Peck 

103 Pleasant St, Plainville 
Likes: Manilow, M*A*S*H 
Dislikes: Whiners, Westfield 
Ambition: Aeronautical 
Engineer-Air Force Favorite 
Saying: "And there was much 
rejoicing!" Favorite Memory: 
10-24-81, Sue Activities: Boy's 
State 3, National Honor Society 
3, 4-Pres., Football 1, 2, Baseball 
1, 2, 3, 4-Capt. 

Shelley A. Peloquin 

774 South St., Wrentham 

George F. Pappas 

175 Beech St., Wrentham 


James J. Peavey 

5 Wade Rd„ Plainville 
Likes: Judas Priest, Budman 
Dislikes: Doing 180's in the 
middle of Route 1 with M.N. 
Ambition: To become 
independently wealthy Favorite 
Saying: "Got a quarter?" 
Favorite Memory: 1982-1983 
Activities: VfCA 3, 4, Football 

Marion Parmenter 

370 South St., Plainville 
Likes: Summer nights, partying 
with good friends and J.D. 
Dislikes: Users, school mornings 
Ambition: To become famous 
and travel the world Favorite 
Saying: "Which way we go? I'm 
lost. " Favorite Memory: 
Summer of "80", Christmas party 
at the Bocce. 

David J. Patenaude 

11 Evergreen Rd., Plainville 
Likes: Camping in the 
mountains, snowstorms Dislikes: 
Narrow-minded people, 
mosquitoes Ambition: To live 
an environmentally, self-sufficient, 
life style in northern New 
Hampshire Favorite Saying: 
"That's all she wrote." Favorite 
Memory: Camping in Nova 
Scotia Activities: VICA 2, 3- 
Pres., 4, National Honor Society 
3 4. 

Mike Mendes with a halo? 


Kevin Pouliot 

90 High St., Plain ville 

Brian Pothier 

39 Warren St., Plain ville 
Likes: Computers, cutting up 
fetal pigs Dislikes: Disco, writing 
compositions Ambition: 
Computer technician. 

Patricia Poirier 

319 Spring St., Wrentham 
Likes: Going out with R.C, 
buying clothes Dislikes: K.P. 
School Committee, having no 
money Ambition: To own a 
nursery school with T.D. 
Favorite Saying: "Don't worry 
about it!" Favorite Memory: 
Leaving T.C at the drive-in, 
Sept. 18, 1982 Activities: OEA 
2-Histonan, 3 Awards: 1st. place 
in States OEA 1981-1982. 

Leanne Purdon 

328 Mam St., Norfolk 
Likes: "Circles", The Allman 
Brothers Dislikes: Cligues, end 
of the weekend Ambition: To 
make money Favorite Saying: 
"Whatever. " Favorite Memory: 
6/23, 9/10, 11/27. 

Denise Petrosian 

415 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: Brian, being with friends 
Dislikes: Long good-byes, being 
in school on Fridays Ambition: 
To be able to sleep late in the 
mornings Favorite Memory: 
Going to N.H. in "81", Summer 
of "80", and my soph, and jr. 
years of art class Activities: 
Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4-Capt., Hockey 
Cheerleader 2 Awards: 4 varsity 
letters, honorable mention on the 
All Star Soccer League, second 
team on the All Star League, 
Leading Scorer. 

Patricia D. Phelan 

18 Stillwell Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Junk food, vacations 
Dislikes: Getting up in the 
morning, decisions Ambition: 
To be happy and very rich! And 
to find the missing cooler. 
Favorite Saying: "Do 1 care?" 
Favorite Memory: W.F. 82, 
8/18/82, and 1 1/23/82 E.S.T. 
with C.S. Activities: Vice 
President 4, Chieftain 3, 4, 
Gymnastics 1, 2, 4 Awards: 
Gymnastics -Hockomock All-Star 
1, Woonsocket Call All -Star 1, 2. 

Sharon L. Pierce 

23 Everett St., Norfolk 
Likes: Being with friends, my 
animals Dislikes: Stuck up 
people, lobster Ambition: To be 
successful, happy and rich 
Favorite Saying: "What?" 
Favorite Memory: Highland 
Lake with Pam, 1982 Awards: 
M.S.P.CA. Gentle Hands Award. 

Scott Pfeffer 

126 Park St., Wrentham 
Likes: Convertibles, gas money 
Dislikes: O.M. 's, skeevers 
Ambition: To make a lot of 
money and spend it all on myself 
Favorite Saying: "One of us is 
incredible and it's not me!" 
Favorite Memory: Senior year 
Activities: National Honor 
Society 4, Soccer 1 Awards: 
National Merit Scholarship- 
Semifinalist Other: "I'm also an 
all-around awesome guy. " 


Kevin Reed 

9 Hillcrest Dr., Plain ville 

Terry Ann Roche 

9 Kingsbury Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Tom, true friends 
Dislikes: Cleaning my room, 
rumors Ambition: To be 
successful and happy Favorite 
Saying: ' T am not afraid of 
tommorrow, for I have seen 
yesterday, and 1 love today. " 
Favorite Memory: 9/13/81, 
6/16/81, 10/10/81 Activities: 
Secretary 1, 2, Hockey 
Cheerleader 2 Other: Thanks lor 
everything Vic!!! 

John M. Roberts 

597 South St., Wrentham 
Likes: 1969 Camaros, Dave's 66 
Caprice Dislikes: The Worcester 
Centrum, all the hype over Jim 
Morrison as a sex symbol 
Ambition: To open a hot-rod 
shop with George in Arizona & 
hype out the already wild 64-71 
goats Favorite Saying: "Whaz's 
Up?" Favorite Memory: J.L.R., 
6th period art '81 -'82, all the 
concerts '82- '83 Activities: Ice 
Hockey 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 1. 

David Ray 

35 Seekonk St., Norfolk 
Likes: Motocross, roosting the 
mighty RM all over people 
Dislikes: Hospitals, being run 
over Ambition: To finish a race 
without crashing Favorite 
Saying: "Party at Snow's?" 
Favorite Memory: Skiing 1981, 
front row of B-52's Activities: 
Drama 1, 2, Math League 2, Ice 
Hockey 2, 3, 4. 

Tracy A. Ronhock 

31 Lincoln Ave., Plain ville 

Raymond Rose 

41 Winter St., Wrentham 
Likes: Buds, Chevelles Dislikes: 
Homework, waking up 
Ambition: To scale the World 
Trade Center Favorite Saying: 
"Somehow, " Favorite Memory: 
Captain Black at the Cape 
Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3. 

Danny Ward- "I'm leaving this 


Steven A. Roberts 

75 Warren St., Plain ville 
Likes: Dawn, having a good 
time Dislikes: Report cards, 
jocks Ambition: Truck driver 
Favorite Saying: "What's up?' 
Favorite Memory: Mark's 
graduation party! 

Linda Robinson 

5 Lake St., Wrentham 
Likes: K.D. always Dislikes: 
Rainy days, Mondays Ambition: 
To own a Z28, two-tone blue 
Favorite Saying: "What's the 
matter?" Favorite Memory: 
July 21, 1981, partying at Al's 
house Activities: DECA 3, 4. 


Nancy Debra Sabin 

28 Archer St. Wrentham 
Likes: Andy, being with friends 
Dislikes: Long cruises, 
goodbyes Ambition: To be 
Jenny Smithers' assistant as a 
Nuclear Physicist Favorite 
Saying: "Ya, Ya, Sure, Sure! An 
Smithers!" Favorite Memory: 6- 
4-82, Partying up at Al's house! 
Activities: DECA 3 Other: 
Smithers and Sabin say, "Fresh 
eggs (all and break, but hard 
boiled eggs only crack!" 

Pamela Ross 

333 Shears St., Wrentham 
Likes: Tom Petty and the 
Heartbreakers, nights on the 
beach Dislikes: Being 
aggravated, being broke 
Ambition: To get a job 
Favorite Saying: "Oh Carol, 
that's always nice!" Favorite 
Memory: 1 1/26/82 Activities: 
Student Council 3, 4, Sr. Class 
Council 4, DECA 3, 4, Chieftain 
4, Football Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, 
Gymnastics 1, 2, 4 Awards: 
Harry Epplegate special award 
with movies, 3rd in districts, 1st 
state DECA comp. 

Lori Ryan 

35 Park St., Norfolk 
Likes: Partying, drinking 
Dislikes: School, Consumer, 
Economics Ambition: To 
succeed in life Favorite Saying: 
"Let's not and say we did!" 
Favorite Memory: Prom of 82 
Activities: Basketball 1, 
Colorguard 1. 

Paul Ruprecht 

563 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: AC/DC Dislikes: Kiss 
Ambition: To be the best 
person I can be Favorite 
Say in g: ' ' Wo w!" Fa vori te 
Memory: The window 
Activities: DECA 3, Football 1, 
2, 3 

Carol Ann Schwalbe 

60 May St. Wrentham 
Likes: Bradford, traditions 
Dislikes: Rumors, decisions 
Ambition: To star in a 
fingernail commercial Favorite 
Saying: "Excuse me but . . . ' 
Favorite Memory: June 18, 
1980 Activities: Student 
Council, 3-Treas. 4-VP, Sr. Class 
Council, Chieftain 4, Field 
Hockey 2, 3, 4-Capt., Softball, 1, 
2, 3 Awards: Unsung hero for 
Field Hockey-3, Thanksgiving 
Day Queen 4. 

Eric Sandberg 

41 Maple St. Plainville 
Likes: Money, high performance 
cars Dislikes: Not having my 
likes Ambition: To own a 
Ferrari dealership Favorite 
Saying: "Who are we to think?" 

Renee Rowell 

60 Rowell Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Partying, paychecks 
Dislikes: Waiting, busy signals 
Ambition: To be successful in 
the career 1 choose Favorite 
Saying: "Well ain't that a kick in 
the head. " Favorite Memory: 
Perryball Halloween party 10/82. 
Activities: Home Economics 1, 

"Wanna run that by me one 
more time!"- Heidi Stepanovitch 

Henry Schubert 

57 Ray Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Sherwood Park, 
Horseneck Beach Dislikes: 
Some people, Thursdays 
Ambition: To pass U.S. History 
Favorite Saying: "Wow! You're 
bummin. " Favorite Memory: 
The Cape Awards: National 
Essay Press. 


Donna Shanks 

15 Pine Tree Dr., Plain vi He 
Likes: Pick, rock and roll music 
Dislikes: Cold weather, getting 
caught Ambition: To go to 
college and become successful in 
life. Favorite Saying: "You 
know what 1 mean. " Favorite 
Memory: November 5, 1982 
Activities: Sachem 3, National 
Honor Society 3, 4. 

Ken Shaw 

14 Spring St., Plain ville 
Likes: Partying, good hard rock 
Dislikes: Boxing with Mendes, 
hangovers Favorite Saying: 
"What's your bag?" Favorite 
Memory: Partying at the guarries. 

Nancy M. Sciaba 

P.O. Box 413, Barrell Place, 
Likes: P.D. "The Field" F.B., 
H.L. (sesame seed sticks) runs. 
Dislikes: Bumpy roads, loosing 
rings and things Ambition: 
Medical assistant Favorite 
Saying: "What are we doing this 
weekend?" Favorite Memory: 
Thanksgiving game '81, York 
Beach, Me. '82 Activities: 
Student Council 2, Sr. Class 
Council, Chieftain 2, Basketball 
Cheerleader 3, Hockey 
Cheerleader 2, 3 Other: ' 'Good 
luck you guys!" 

Michael Shannon 

33 Boardman St., Norfolk 

John F. Schwartz III 

160 Park St., Wrentham 
Likes: Tracy, 7-day weekends 
Dislikes: Moles in holes, lizards 
on rocks Ambition: To finish 
the car Favorite Saying: "How 
ya' doin?" Favorite Memory: 
Prom of '82. 

Darlene Ann Silver 

19 Daniels St., Millis 
Likes: Spending time with Jeff, 
good friends Dislikes: Ignorant 
people, silence between two 
people Ambition: To live a 
long happy life and to be 
successful in future endeavors 
Favorite Saying: "Ya right!" 
Favorite Memory: April 11, 
1982 and O.C.C.E. Activities: 
OEA 2, 3-VP, 4, Color Guard 2, 
3 Awards: 2nd place prepared 
verbal II, 2nd place general 
clerical II, both in OEA State 

Paul Schwalbe 

54 Willaims St., Wrentham 
Likes: Skiing, Renee Dislikes: 
Certain people, my alarm clock 
Ambition: To ski down Mt. 
Everst Favorite Saying:^ "I'm 
bummin. " Favorite Memory: 
Summer of '82 Activities: 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, Spring Track 1, L 
3 4. 

Top center: one of Leo's many 
ingenious disguises. 

Upper left: TOUCHDOWN! 

Glenn Scott 

47 Apple Ln., Wrentham 


Timothy Michael 

5 Chicatabut Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: The South, Karen 
Dislikes: V.H. night, Yankee's 
with a bad accent Ambition: To 
become a rich bachelor with lots 
of girlfriends Favorite Saying: 
"Party at my house!" Favorite 
Memory: My junior year when I 
met all my friends. 

Debbie Smith 

405 Bennett St., Wrentham 
Likes: Having fun with friends, 
meeting new and interesting 
people Dislikes: Phony people, 
getting in trouble Ambition: To 
work in the medical field 
Favorite Saying: "Okay Fine!" 
Favorite Memory: Summer 
"82" Activities: OEA 2, VICA 
3, 4, Soccer 2. 

Glenn Snow 

863 East St., Wrentham 
Likes: Budskies, water skiing 
Dislikes: Settling for O.M., 
waking up for school Ambition: 
To find out what I am doing after 
school Favorite Saying: "Whaz 

' Favorite Memory: 
Beating Canton in hockey my 
junior year. Activities: DECA 3, 
Football 1, 2, Golf 1,3,4, Ice 
Hockey 1,2, 3, 4 Awards: 2 
varsity letters in hockey and golf, 
the great kid award. 

Jennifer Smithers 

14 Still well Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Food, drummer Dislikes: 
getting up in A.M., explaining to 
my parents where it all came 
from Ambition: To become a 
nuclear physicist Favorite 
Saying: ' Sabin, I can 't handle 
this!" Favorite Memory: The 
Gong Show, Tone Deaf's party 
Activities: DECA 3, 4 Awards: 
D.E. District Competition Apparel 
and Accessories 1st place, D.E. 
State Competition finalist Other: 
' Fresh eggs fall and break, but 
hard boiled eggs only crack. " 

Wendi Slade 

155 North St., Norfolk 
Likes: Snowy, sunny days, Dis- 
likes: Toads and snakes, chopping 
wood Ambition: To be successful 
in my career and to be happy and 
healthy Favorite Saying: "Don't 
worry about it!" Favorite Mem- 
ory: When Heidi and I were in 
New York Activities: Math 
League 3, 4, Issues 3, 4, WKPH 4, 
Tennis 1, 3, 4 Awards: All-Star 
Hockomock League for girls tennis 
team 1, 3, varsity letters Other: 
Winner of the Charles River High 
School Tennis Tournament 1. 

Susan Stenquist 

' 'Susan " 
56 Needham St., Norfolk 
Likes: New York City, cruises 
Dislikes: Rude people 
Ambition: Travel the world 
Favorite Saying: "Jump back 
Jack!" Favorite Memory: 
Biking it at Martha 's and 
Nantucket Activities: Drama 2, 
Math League 2, 3, 4, National 
Honor Society 3, 4, Football 
Cheerleader 3, 4, Basketball 
Cheerleader 2, 3, Hockey 
Cheerleader 3, Stats for Hockey 

Heidi Stepanovitch 

79 Walnut St., Plamville 
Likes: Spontaneous things, dirty 
jokes Dislikes: Public 
bathrooms, hidden camera 
commercials Ambition: To find 
an ambition Favorite Saying: 
"I'm going to Texas and 
marrying me a cowboy. " 
Favorite Memory: Sept. 10-12 
1982 Activities: Sachem 4, Art 
club 1, 2, Chieftain 3, 4, Soccer 

Kevin Wayne Slattery 

5 Chicatabut Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: The South, partying Dis- 
likes: Getting in trouble 
Favorite Saying: "What's up 
dude?" Favorite Memory: 
Living in the South Activities: 
Football 4. 


Sheryl Thompson 

162 Winter St., Wrentham 
Likes: Guys who are dressed to 
kill Dislikes: People who spread 
rumors, R Ambition: To pioneer 
and live forever Favorite 
Memory: The Fashion Show. 

Phyllis Usher 

68 High St., Plain ville 
Likes: Horseback riding, guys 
with nice b-ns; Dislikes: 
Tempered horses, fighting with 
my best friends Ambition: To 
become a cartoonist Favorite 
Saying: "What a rush," 
Favorite Memory: Horseback 
riding with Nikki, Gina and Pam 
at Fuller's, good times in girls' 
food room with Missy, Darlene 
and Jodi. 

Lisa Ann Va.phia.des 

16 Naugatuck Ave., Norfolk 
Likes: Jackie, being with my 
friends Dislikes: Headgames, 
fighting with J. P. Ambition: To 
be rich and successful Favorite 
Saying: "You women you." 
Favorite Memory: Summer of 
'82, 5/25/81, T.M. s party 
Activities: OEA 2 Other: I 
leave with the 3 LV's by my side. 
Best of luck to CM, TM, SV, NS, 
KH, and IE. 

Maria Tedeschi 

75 King James Way, Wrentham 
Likes: Vacations, weekends 
Dislikes: Cliques, snobs 
Ambition: To become an 
occupational therapist Favorite 
Memory: 11/10/82, 6/12/82 
Activities: OEA 4. 

Matthew E. Tolatovicz 

20 Fletcher St., Plamville 
Likes: Kim S., L.V.B.'s 9th by 
R.B. Dislikes: Purple, growing 
up Ambition: To be successful 
with my career Favorite 
Saying: "Who are we to think?' 
Favorite Memory: June of '82 
Activities: Football 1, 2. 

Kathleen R. Tomes 

17 Huntington Ave., Plainville 
Likes: Cape Cod beaches, ice 
cream Dislikes: Getting up for 
school, Mondays Ambition: To 
keep my room neat for a week 
and to be successful in life 
Favorite Saying: "I can't wait 
until the weekend!" Favorite 
Memory: Getting dismissed every 
other Friday with S.O. '81-82 
Activities: OEA 2, 3, 4, National 
Honor Society 3, 4. 

Charles W. Taber, Jr. 

137 Lakeside Ave. Wrentham 
Likes: Corvettes, going for a 
blast Dislikes: Thumbing from 
F.S.S., waking up after a "good" 
night out Ambition: Draftsman, 
M.P. Instructor in the U.S.A. F. 
Favorite Saying: "That's 
Quality!" Favorite Memory: 
"The Carny", '81 -'82, Party on 
the Island Activities: Chieftain 3 
Awards: U.S.A.F. Certificate of 

Regina Strang 

11 Hancock St., Plainville 
Likes: Impersonating F.B.I, 
agents, asking for directions in 
the combat zone Dislikes: 
Looking for jumper cables for the 
white whale, the U.S. Navy for 
abducting Scott Ambition: To 
help the inmates of Walpole 
State Prison escape Favorite 
Saying: "Heather, can you give 
me some gas money?" Favorite 
Memory: Making a false arrest at 
Logan Airport with Heather 
Activities: Student Council 1, 
Sr. Class Council, Band 1, 
National Honor Society 3, 4, 
Awards: Honorable mention for 
participation in Framingham State 
College's National History Day. 


Donvin Vernon 

57 Ridgeheld Rd., Norfolk 

Kristina Wazan 

Fleetwood Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Meeting new people, 
sports Dislikes: Snobs, lighting 
with Mom and Dad Ambition: 
To be successlul in lile Favorite 
Saying: ' A wesome! ' ' Fa vorite 
Memory: Jr.-Sr. Prom ol 1982 
with Bobby Activities: Soccer 
2, 3, 4-Capt, Cross Country 1, 
Basketball 2, Softball 2 Awards: 
Varsity letter in soccer. 

Kristine Warnick 

14 Lakeshore Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Chuck, being with friends 
Dislikes: Saying goodbye, 
cligues Ambition: To make it 
through college and always be 
happy Favorite Saying: 
"TGIF!" Favorite Memory: 
October 14, 1982, Dunfey's with 
OEA Activities: OEA 2, 3, 4- 
VP, Band 1 Awards: 2nd and 
4th place in extemporaneous 
speech in OEA competition. 

Wendy D. Wagner 

610 Eastside Rd., Wrentham 
Likes: Guys, true friends 
Dislikes: Fakes, fat guts 
Ambition: To become 
successful in the business world 
Favorite Saying: "I gotta 
wedgie!" Favorite Memory: 
The WKMN's at DN's with NM, 
the PF at B & B's with the SL 
Activities: Sr. Class Council 4, 
OEA 4 Other: Best of luck 
always to Mr. M. and Mr. D. 

Stephen Alexander 

7 Lincoln Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: The Doors, munching out 
Dislikes: Grouchy girls, taking 
the bus when my s-box breaks 
down Ambition: To retire early 
and really enjoy life Favorite 
Saying: "Yo broe". Favorite 
Memory: Whitehorse Beach at 
night with A Activities: Football 
1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Spring 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Awards: Varsity 
letters in Football and Track. 

Glenn E. Wideberg 

15 Quail Run, Norfolk 

Cord S. Walker 

7 Fleetwood Dr., Norfolk 
Likes: Laura, Budweiser 
Dislikes: Getting up for school 
Ambition: To be a stuntman in 
Hollywood and be very wealthy 
Favorite Saying: "What's 
zup?" Favorite Memory: 
Summer of "82" Activities: 
VIC A 3, 4, Football 1, fee 
Hockey 2, 4. 

Danny Ward 

31 Maple St., Plain ville 
Likes: The Beatles, Pittsburgh 
Steelers Dislikes: Beer can stick 
shifts, the Chickmobile 
Ambition: To command a 
starship Favorite Saying: "I'm 
doin' the best I can sir!" 
Favorite Memory: Soaping the 
Lopemobile in KP parking lot- 


Vicki Werning 

9 Chestnut Rd., Norfolk 
Likes: Dennis, true friends 
Dislikes: Fake people, rumors 
Ambition: To be happy and 
successful in life Favorite 
Saying: "Live each day to the 
fullest. " Favorite Memory: 
January 30, 1982 Activities: 
Class Officer 3-Secreatary, 
Student Council 1, 2, 4- 
Secretary, Sr. Class Council, 
Soccer 1, 2, Gymnastics 1, 2, 
Spring track 1 Awards: Prom 
Court, Homecoming Court, Merit 
in an essay contest. Student 
government representative. 

Menique C. Wolpers 

26 Holbrook St., Norfolk 
Likes: Writing poems, sunsets 
Dislikes: Saying good-bye, 
deadlines Ambition: To be a 
famous writer Favorite Saying: 
"1 don't want to do this!" 
Favorite Memory: Wendi's 
house-October 30, 1981 
Activities: Math League 2, 3, 4, 
Issues 3, 4-Co-editor, Sachem 2, 
3, 4-Co-editor, WKPH 4, National 
Honor Society 4, Key Club 3, 4, 
Ice Hockey 4-Stats Awards: 
National Commendation PSAT 
scores, excellence in English and 
Biology in 9th grade, English and 
Latin 10th grade. 

Donald Weidman 

5 Cottage Ct., Norfolk 
Likes: Cars, motorcycles 
Dislikes: Getting up at 6:00, 
riding a bus Ambition: To open 
my own business. 

Michael F. Weidman 

5 Cottage Ct., Norfolk 

John Webster 

157 Taunton St., Wrentham 
Likes: The outdoors, a sense of 
humor Dislikes: Deadlines, 
snobs Ambition: To make it in 
Mass. Favorite Memory: 

David Wheeler 

1275 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Motocross, Dawn 
Dislikes: G.S., The Doors 
Ambition: Become rich and 
famous Favorite Saying: "Oh 
well. " Favorite Memory: 
Dawn's black shirt. 

Jean Williams 

110 Park St., Wrentham 
Likes: Pontiacs, good friends 
Dislikes: The green monster, 
being cold Ambition: To be an 
X-ray technician, to be happy no 
matter what Favorite Saying: 
"Good deal, I can handle it!" 
Favorite Memory: August 17, 
19-21, Summer of '82 Activities: 
Sr. Class Council, Chieftain 4, 
Soccer 2, 3, 4, Spring track 2 
Awards: 2 varsity letters in 
soccer Other: I love ya Kristy — 
I'll miss ya but remember . . . the 
awesome foursome lives on! 

Amy Jo Wright 

20 Grove St., Norfolk 
Likes: Mutants, sitting around a 
warm fire with true friends 
Dislikes: Mornings without 
coffee, fake people Ambition: 
To be independent Favorite 
Saying: "Hey Chick, have a 
time!" Favorite Memory: My 
times with M.C.H. Activities: Sr. 
Class Council, Issues 3, 4, Field 
Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Awards: 
Unsung hero -Field Hockey, 
Honorable mention, Woonsocket 
Call All Stars Other: 4-H 
Ambassador, 4-H Alcohol Teen 


Winnie Wyllie 

•'Wild Thing" 
500 West St., Wrentham 
Likes: Being with friends, 
summers Dislikes: Cafeteria 
food, rainy days Ambition: Go 
to college and be a computer 
programmer and be happy 
Favorite Saying: "Orgy's!" 
Favorite Memory: Getting 
braces off 1981, April 30, 1982 
Prom Activities: Chieftain 2, 3. 

Keith. Yatsuhashi 

33 Sharon Ave., Norfolk 

Pamela E. Young 

234 Forest Grove Ave., 
Likes: "Off the wall friends", 
most of all Steve Dislikes: Busy 
phones, being put on hold 
Ambition: To spend as much 
time as f can with Steve 
Favorite Saying: "I guess ya 
had to be there. " Favorite 
Memory: Dec. 20, 1980, Prom of 
'82 Activities: DEC A 3-Pres., 4, 
Soccer 2 Awards: 4th place 
DEC A Districts for restaurant 
Marketing ME. 

Cynthia D. Wright 

17 Ewald Ave., Plain ville 
Likes: Ed, gorgeous guys with 
money Dislikes: Snobs, saying 
good-bye Ambition: To create 
a world-known cure for hang- 
overs, college Favorite Saying: 
"How you lookm?" Favorite 
Memory: Summer of '81 
Activities: VICA 3, 4 Other: 
VIC A Competition 1982 district. 

Carolyn Leigh Wylie 

179 Seekonk St., Norfolk 
Likes: Mustangs, Magnum 
Dislikes: Gossips, A.M. tunes 
Ambition: To go to college and 
live to tell about it; to co-star with 
Tom Selleck Favorite Saying: 
"Hey dudes, what's up?" 
Favorite Memory: Wisconsin 
82, "The Greek God" 
Activities: Sr. Class Council 4, 
Chieftain 4, Football Cheerleader 
3, 4, Soccer 2, Basketball 
Cheerleader 2, Gymnastics 1, 
Tennis 2, 3, 4, Spring track 1 
Other: Good luck Kristy—f'll 
miss ya! 

"You want to take OUR 
picture??"- Karen Mullaney, 
Darlene Silver 

Top: Winnie Wyllie dressed for 
the hunt. 



1983 • 1983* 1983 • 1983 • 1983 

1983 • 1983 • 7983 • 1983 

Dawn Alger leaves all her late notes in her locker. 

Sandra Allsworth leaves Debbie behind, with hopes that she will make it through her last 

two years. 
Andrea Amidon leaves green death to Higs, tickle pink to Kearnsy and Burt, Strawberry 

D's to Trace, and hot chocolate to Mr. Lombard. 
Jane Andrews leaves Lori Smith behind with no one to skip school or be late with. 
George Antonitis leaves all his unopened books to John McLeish. 
Jinx Barry leaves lour suicides and three warriors to Jon Crowell. 
Karin Barstow leaves all ol Miss S's assumptions, theorems and definitions. 
Kevin Bent leaves a thank you to Mrs. Campos. 
Michael Bergeron leaves Squeeter a new dress lor his band. 
Kevin Bergevine leaves the two trees on Whitings to the next sap to come around the 

comer and the bump to the unexpecting. 
Cheryl Bettinger leaves her squeaky voice to her li'l sister Sue. 
Erik Bezema leaves all his W. W. s to Staceyl 
Barbara Black leaves an endless number of tardy notes. 

Kim Black leaves Bert in that great iish tank m the sky. and a nametag lor Angela Eblan. 
Curt Blood leaves the ghost oi Ignatius to haunt the halls ol K.P. 
Sherry Boyd leaves all the perfect things to B.B. 
Brenda Bredvik leaves to her favorite (and only) brother all the Spanish, yelling from their 

parents, and dumb wood pile moving that he never wants to do, and to Bridget Joe 

Physic 's plaid panis-you can have 'em! 
Fred Brennan leaves Coach Lombard a package of chaw and a gift certificate for a free 

haircut at Jerry's Barbershop, to Mur a dehexer, to J.M. some quality wolf downs, and to 

Coach Schmidt 5 agile, mobile, and hostile offensive linemen. 
Fred Brent leaves last weeks dirty socks to Luke. 
Jamie Lee Brown leaves 1,001 cigarette butts in the pink lav. 
Bob Brown leaves 11 more years of K.P. to Shawn, Chris, and Mike. 
Karen Calkins leaves an infinite supply ol creased pants to Laura. 
Rick Callahan leaves his class record to anyone who wants it. 
Joe Cameron leaves a case of empties to Mr. R. 

Michael Carchidi leaves his collection of l.D. stories to "Ripley's Believe It or Not. " 
Mary Carchio leaves three more years to Donna and Kim at K.P. 
Tina Carey leaves Rene Balents and Kim Trott all her extra credits and more fun times 

in the lav. 
Celeste Chartrand leaves Kelly Oram more "time." 
June Childs leaves her books to Renee. 

Scott Chitty leaves skull for Deb and a locker full of peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. 
Kari Christiansen leaves the best of luck to all her friends. 

Jay Civilinski leaves his Burger King runs with Patty Phelan and Therese Doyle. 
Patty Cloutier leaves all her friends-but not forever, and all her talks about M.H. to Mr. D. 
Bob Cloutier leaves stringing those stupid bears to whoever wants to do them. 
Jim Cole leaves a bomb in K.P. 

Mark Conley leaves his writer's block to Dr. Goldman. 
Joanne Conni££ leaves the messiest locker in school. 
Maureen Connors leaves riding off into the sunset in her new blue corvette, wishing good 

luck to future DECA Doobies, and better jokes to Mr. Guillemette. 
Shawn Conroy leaves Mrs. Alter for another 25 years. 
Diana Cormier leaves K.P. all behind her. 
Lynne Crandall leaves Hector to Kari, all her love to Pat, a seatbelt for Julie, and Linda 

in Boston with butter. 
Frank Crowell leaves Jim B. another eight years of high school. 
Carla Daley leaves all her paper to her three younger sisters for a price. 
Julie Davis leaves all her wildest fantasies for L.C. to handle. 
Leo Desrochers leaves his perverted gestures to the ladies of '84. 
Patricia Diamond leaves three more wonderful years at K.P. to Cindy-Good luck. 
Tom DiPlacido leaves Oliver and Alexander to menace the halls of K.P. 
Sue Dolan leaves wishing Kelly and Meme all the best and missing her friends. 
' Therese Doyle leaves running from Dave N.'s and Mark E.'s tackles, hoping Mr. 

Murtari will "handle it." J.F. to find ndes home for Maria from next year's dances, a 

handshake to Leo and Bruce, Steve Martin to Lo- La, and with all her fond memories of 

friends and K.P. 
Angela Eblan leaves all the kinky exercises to the cross country team and Mr. 

McEachern-Have fun (ha-ha). 
Mark Elliott leaves his Dunlap K88 on the school ramp. 

Julie Ellis leaves still best Inends with Debbie Hobbs and Mr. Keimach ALL his typing. 
Cynthia Eykel leaves Miss Leggee all the wasted paper from Office Simulation. 
Laura Ferioli leaves a jar of maraschino cherries with a side order of Doritos to Karen C. 
Christine Ferland leaves her cheering uniform and loss of voice to future cheerleaders. 
Tony Figueras leaves 3 rum cokes to Chris Arraiz and a lifetime supply of "wax" to the 

Deborah Finley leaves V.W. a year's supply of P.G. carrots, D.H. sore cheeks, a real guitar 

lor S.K., and pool lessons for the "Bergs." 
Siobhan Fitzgerald leaves the top of locker #762 to her sister. 
Mary-Ellen Flower leaves her sister Kim two more years of K.P. 
Helen Forand leaves the care of Tony F. to Yvonne Allen and Karen Andrews. 
Kim Franklin leaves saying "Serena, did you hit number 6 yet?", and Rohyn and Lee 

arguing over R.N. 
Kathy French leaves to Robin Salamone all the wild times in Mansfield. 
Sandra Fretz leaves eating school lunches. 
Sandra Frizzell leaves her spaz attacks to Tammy (Buck) Padula, Marcia Dorsey, and 

Jeanne Marcarelli, and the "When you least expect it. expect it" to Colleen Lynch. 
Judy Fruci leaves her pool liner with an arrow in it, and her younger brother with two 

more years. 
Sarah Fuller leaves a whole locker to Leaps, and happiness to T.J. 
David Gage leaves one piece of hall chewed spruce gum to Dave S. 
Gary Gallagher leaves all "unjammed Halen" to George, Mark and John. 
Jeff Grant leaves a broken hand on the turf at Schaefer Stadium. 
Jeannine Grospitch leaves with fond memories of Wendy's, "search". 
Glen Hall leaves the quarter mile to the track coaches, and soccer shoes to soccer. 
Bruce Hamlin leaves his cows Teresa and Cindy. 
Jill Hardy leaves fortune cookies in the jet pack to Pam and R.R., and second offense to 

Mark Harmon leaves his first pair of drum sticks. 

Alice Harrington leaves Tammy C. and Laurel C. her computer programs. 
Tracy Hartford leaves her so-called "excuses" to Ricey, Schmitty, Mr. Lombard, and 

Al, and S.A.M. to all her friends. 
Cathie Hayes leaves 1,001 cigarette butts in the pink lav to Mrs. Villiard. 
Elizabeth Heinsohn leaves Bridget her fabulous locker decorations, and her brother best 

wishes at K.P. 
Karen Henderson leaves J.S. 's to D.P., B.F. 's party to L.M., and Steve Martin to Lo-La. 
Donna Higgins leaves "Lowies" to A. A and "P.C.'s" to R.L., memories of Chicago to A.A. 

and M.C., kinky nights at D.l. with S.K., T.H., and A.A.. and all the EBB's to A.H. and 

Mark Higgins leaves good luck lor the next two years to Louie. 
Deborah Hobbs leaves tea bags to Fiona and a Red Lion drunk to Tammy. 
David Hooper leaves his remarks. 

Dawna Hooper leaves all her forged late notes to the office. 

Tammy Horton leaves wishing W.S. good luck in her next two years at K.P. -she needs it! 
Brenda Hough leaves a worn out pair of crutches collecting dust. Coach Goldberg some 

antacids alter a "braceless" match, and special thanks to Ms. R. and my unburdenable 

James Houseworth leaves Latmam Bonam to Leigh, yellow bus tickets to Bobby, and "Dr. 

Goldman Journal" to Fiona. 
Tenley Hughes leaves her sweetness to any grouch who needs it. 
Tom Hughes leaves a colony of intermediate vector bosons m his locker. 
James Hutchins leaves his AD&D books and one Claymore mine. 
Ed Johnson leaves a temporary loss of hearing, a bomb, and a sigh of relief. 
Laura Johnson leaves to Greta and Sharon the after effects of the school's pizza. 
Robyn Johnson leaves the 7th dimension to Debbie, Heidi, Stacey, and Susan. 
Terry Jones leaves Rene B. with unicorns, red roses, and many lines to follow. 
Christine Jost leaves photoelectric pink socks and airline sickness lunchbags. 
Diana Jostin leaves another exciting year for Rene B. and Kim T. in the lav. 
Shannon Keams leaves sand in the cast to A.A., 4 wheels to D.H., a new laugh to T.H., 

the big banana to CD., and quarters to R.L. 
Kathy Kelly leaves the best of luck to her brother Jerry and remembering Cheryl B. s 

Mike Kelly leaves his old tattered pair of Supertacks. 
Scott Kelly leaves his cigarettes, two deceased autos, all his late notes, and an "air guitar" 

concert to D.F. and D.H. in senior study. 
John Kinlin leaves two flat tires from the Twm-I-Beam and any other spare parts that 

happen to fall off. 
Sue Kirby leaves this place once and for all and never to turn back-Thank God. 
Heather Kohut leaves a year's supply of gas lor R.S.'s caddy, and J.W. on the hill (with 

Jodi Korslund leaves her perverted mind to the Culinary Arts teacher, Mr. Celata. 
Zanig Koshgarian leaves every box of Junior Mints to Lisa Olszewski and two to Janice 

Michael Kuza leaves the sign of the Southern Cross to the rebel. 
Mariette Laliberte leaves the good work to cousin Mary, and lor another party at 

JoAnna LeBlanc leaves her fetal pigs completely dissected to Mr. Schmidt. 
Ted LeBlanc leaves Mrs. Fagan his wisdom of geometry and algebra. 
Tony Leonard leaves divorce papers to Pam. 


1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 • 1983 

Class Willi 

Jeff Lewin leaves his dirty old running sneakers. 

Kathy Lincoln leaves Graphics and a rubber thesaurus to H.K. 

Karen Longobardi leaves happily knowing she'll never have to return to K.P. 

Patrick Loughlin leaves F.B. s 8 ohms in J.M.'s gym bag, some P.J. for Bergie and the 

Navy, and D.A.M. a locker for herself. 
Roberta Ludwig leaves the quarter that she dropped, and A.A., D.H., S.K., and T.H. at 

the D.I. in the R. V. 
Brendan Lynch leaves a lone throng of unthwarted "schrod" to castigate those left behind. 
Shannon Lynch leaves a full tank for her machine to Jean, B.BJ3. at Devlin's to Carrie 

and consoles to Kristy. 
Leo Macdonald leaves his Willip jeep. 
Laura Mackie leaves the moon to J.W., T.D., and P.P., K.H. at B.F.'s party, and black 

road to anyone lucky. 
Nancy Maduskuie leaves Mr. Smith, Mr. Schmidt, and Dr. Smell a keg on Nantucket 

Island, and 14 rolls of T.P. at Ricey's house. 
Marie Mahoney leaves Mr. Nosiglia's pipe in the office. 
Paul Mahoney leaves Mass. Avenue. 

Mary Marcarelli leaves her French dictionary to anyone who wants it. 
Vin Marino leaves his code book to the last graduating class of the King Philip plumbing 

Jeffrey Marsden leaves a good basketball coach to K.P. 
John Masterson leaves Top in a spray of powder with D.G. still on the lift. 
Mike McCarthy leaves Mr. Cormier and his not so phun fysics. 
Carol McClintock leaves "Mama L." her best wishes for future success in the business, 

and her G.C. to D.S. and R.J. 
Jeff McDavitt leaves a can of skoal to R.C 
Michael McGlynn leaves Andy's place. 

Fred Meda leaves all the hangovers and headaches before November 27, 1981. 
Dan Melish leaves all the rubber of! our tires in the parking lot. 
Mike Mendes leaves his concord 60s in the parking lot. 
Michelle Mendes leaves Serena Richards another exciting year of school. 
Chris Mikulis leaves an armed spector-beam to Pat Lynch and a S.T.F.E. to J.P. 
Andrea Miller leaves Garehck Farms to A.W., and the P.L. to C.C.'s. 
Karen Miller leaves the math league headaches to Paul Conlin. 
Glenn Moore leaves Mr. Voci a new battery for his car. 
Jim Moore leaves a marriage proposal to S.G. 

Linda Moran leaves L.C. and A.M. in Boston imagining doormen. 
Nancy Morse leaves M.N.'s party with a degree in nursing. 
Karen Mullaney leaves L.M. and P.G. three more years in this hole and C.S. rollerskating 

in the halls. 
Renea Mullaney leaves her baggie pants to Eric and Kris. 
Jeff Murray leaves getting belligerent at parties and war-like in nature. 
Mark Nevins leaves his crutches for anyone on the football team who needs them. 
Delight Newman leaves lots of uncorrected papers to Mr. Murtari, lots of thanks to Mr. 

Ligor, ail the "piglets" to Mr. Schmidt, and the "YAMUNS" with another wild and 

crazy year ahead. 
Wayne Newman leaves his cigarettes and freshmen girls. 
Andrew Nichols leaves the "-wells" name to all future Nick-wells! 
Dave Nichols leaves an irascible brake torque in the school parking lot. 
Richard Nugent leaves the outfield to the next K.P. cenierfielder. 
Becky Nye leaves gladly. 
Jim O'Connell leaves his record. 
Kathy O'Connell leaves a trip to Jersey (262) to Kathy K, and her position as band 

director to S. Elm an. 
Jeff O'Donnell leaves all his excuses for being late or absent. 
Anthony Ormsby leaves Aussie B., and his striped football socks to Mr. Lombard and 

Lee Parker leaves two more years of K.P. to brother Paul (last of the Parker clan) and heads 

for the Cape with Kim and Ro-Bone. 
Marion Parmenter leaves her school skipping days and forged dismissal notes to Mark 

Angela Pasquantonio leaves happily and all her late excuses to Miss Leggee for putting 

up with her. 
David Patenaude leaves all of his unfinished homework to Pat Castro. 
Jim Peavey leaves all his money. 

Jon Peck leaves his right ankle on the K.P. athletic field, and A.T.G.TA.B.TM.B.C.M. 
Denise Petrosian leaves J.S.'s song at W.H.P. to K, her C.C. to L.P. to get to school, and 

to the Class of '83 the best of luck in the future. 
Scott Pfeffer leaves in his convertible with the top down and the tunes cranked. 
Patty Phelan leaves Heartland to T.D.. N.S. (Barb), C.S. and KM., with a complex from 

B.P., and a permanent pass to J.F. 
Sharon Pierce leaves a spare set of car keys to Mr. Felix. 

Tricia Poirier leaves her extra credits to Walter Brennick. 

Brian Pothier leaves his fetal pig to Mrs. Fagan. 

Leanne Purdon leaves forever. 

David Ray leaves his worn out knobbies to Jeff Murray who couldn't handle the awesome 

John Roberts leaves one mud-caked Volkswagen, and the best Led Zeppelin songs cranking 

in everyone's head. 
Steve Roberts leaves all his bad grades. 

Linda Robinson leaves N.S. in the men's room at Franklin field house. 
Terry Roche leaves all her days of skipping school to her brother David. 
Raymond Rose leaves I.O.U. s for his poker debts. 
Pam Ross leaves a jar of mustard and stale crackers to Carol. 
Renee Rowell leaves her broken locker to anyone that can open it. 
Paul Ruprecht leaves his clay to John. 
Lori Ryan leaves leaves her sympathy to Missy Hayes who has two more years left in this 

Nancy Sabin leaves Jenny S., Andrea M., and Richard M. sitting on a rock in the 

middle of the lake at Lincoln Woods, sinking her bottle of Boone's Farm wine after eating 

scrambled eggs, and late notes to younger brother. 
Eric Sandberg leaves his auto hunter collection to Eric. 
Henry Schubert leaves his truck to anyone who can get it to "spin 'em." 
Carol Schwalbe leaves her voice echoing down the halls, and a tropicana bottle at M.N.'s 

Paul Schwalbe leaves Toby the 12 pack of Bud he owes him. 
John Schwartz leaves his thoughts to Tracy and Pine Island still intact. 
Nancy Sciaba leaves a ring .... somewhere. 

Donna Shanks leaves Kim a great senior year and Cheryl three more years of misery. 
Ken Shaw leaves his suspensions to whomever wants them. 
Darlene Silver leaves the private conversations between Julie and herself to Mr. Lavallee 

(especially the good parts)! 
Wendi Slade leaves 17 warm-up suits to Junk-Mouth Janice, the care of her dogs and 

the rest of her wardrobe to Beth, Karen and Sue, 10 pounds to Sue, and nutritious 

lunches to Monique. 
Kevin Slattery leaves his memories of Coach Lombard and Coach Rice. 
Tim Slattery leaves King Philip Regional School running. 

Debbie Smith leaves all the patients she enjoys working with to the seniors after her. 
Jenny Smithers leaves Mrs. Fagan with her candy money. 

Glenn Snow leaves waking up at 4:45 in the morning for hockey to future hockey players. 
Susan Stenquist leaves making up new cheers to Monice and standing at the end of the 

line to Cathy Lever om 
Heidi Stepanovitch leaves her part of the business to Mamma Laurent. 
Regina Strang leaves jumper cables to all the juniors who may need them-Bless the poor 

Chuck Taber leaves Mr. Sumner with stacks of messy papers, G.H.I.T.C.Y. to Little 

Trout, and the "Wall" to anyone. 
Maria Tedeschi leaves Shan and Charlotte with 1,001 memories from Skate Palace. 
Matt Tolatovicz leaves Nick's car at the end of the Man-Mar. 
Kathy Tomes leaves egg foo young for Miss Leggee. 
Phyllis Usher leaves her cowboy hat and boots. 

Lisa Vaphiades leaves Joe C.'s radio to Bouncy, and her books to Tree D. 
Wendy Wagner leaves lots of luck in the future to B.S. and M.S. 
Stephen Waitkevich leaves Joe Gianni (Vintage) a new pair of pectoral muscles. 
Cord Walker leaves his alarm clock. 

Danny Ward leaves 12 combs and a roll of tape to F.B. 
Kris Warnick leaves the back seat of Joe C. s car to Bouncy. 
Kris Wazan leaves her problems to Bob Brown. 
John Webster leaves his geometry book to Brian Brannelly. 
Vicki Werning leaves counting the days until Dennis comes home. 
David Wheeler leaves as little as possible. 
Jean Williams leaves searching for P.P.B.'s to Kristy, diaper rash to Shannon, S.F.P.D. to 

Carrie, and C.R.L. 's to Tree and Pat. 
Monique Wolpers leaves a smile for Amy, poetry and her report card to Mr. K. and Mr. 

B., her bones to Wendi, and cruise clothes to Susan. 
Amy Wright leaves the dregs to Beth H., concert tickets to Andi, and the sunshine to 

Brenner Hough. 
Cynthia Wright leaves Gilbert St., Freddy, and Brutis to "Chaka" Salamone. 
Carrie Wylie leaves B.B.B. at Devlin's to Shannon, keeping tabs at the foundation to 

Kristy, moaning on the hill to Jean, and with a complex from B.P. 
Winnie Wyllie leaves Eric behind with happy years ahead. 
Pam Young leaves a three pound coffee can for Mr. Lazarra's truck. 











7 X 



i^oee P.23S 


(» \m i*»a iB ii^f ii ii ira it ii 



Miss Szczepaniah, Mrs. Negus-class advisors 

Beth Paulson- President 

Edward Holmes- Vice President 

Class Council- 1st row (1-r): B. 
Paulson, D. Hartford, B. Paulson, 
E. Holmes, S. Andrews, F. 
Graham. 2nd row: L. Panettiere, 
L. Pitt, K- Stockwell, K. Pomtret, 
J. Edwards, D. Myette, S. Graves, 
H. Stepanovitch, K. Barry. 

, m 

Sally Andrews- Treasurer 

Donna Hartford- Secretary 



< > 


V 1 

T # 




*P 53 


S. Andrev/s 
/. Bernardini 
T. Barton 
T. Cordani 


D. Crafts 

V 1 

J V -i 

T. Curley 
C. Cherry 
M. Dumont 


J. Ellis 

M. Erring ton 
I. Holmes 




5. Haddleton 
I. King 
P. Lavallee 

J. McPherson 


/. Murray 

K. Oram 
M. Ross 
J. Schwartz 
G. Tincker 
T. Weser 


/. Adams 

K. Andrews 

W. Axworthy 

B. Barton 

B. Blinco 

K. Brooks 

T. Budd 

P. Charron 

S. Alix 

S. Andrews 

K. Bachlund 

K. Bazaire 

J. Botka 

S. Brosnan 

D. Carson 

D. Ghioni 

Y. Allen 

C. Anthony 

B. Bailey 

D. Beaston 

L. Bortolotto 

C. Brown 

P. Castro 

M. Colletto 

H. Anderson 

M. Arado 

P. Baker 

D. Begin 

P. Brennan 

I. Bruneau 

P. Cataldo 

P. Conlin 

M. Anderson 

K. Arnhols 

J. Baker 

K. Belcher 

J. Andrews 

C. Arraiz 

K. Baron 

D. Billings 

J. Andrews 

1. August 

K. Barry 

L. Bjorkman 

P. Conlon 

B. Cooke 
T. Cordam 

C. Cosseite 

S. Craig 
J. Crowe 11 
J. Curtin 
D. Dadmun 

B. Dahlbeck 

C. David 
M. Davis 
K. DeMers 

M. Dix 
M. Doherty 
D. Driscoll 
M. Dube 

A. Dunn 
J. Edwards 
J. Ellis 
M. Fiorillo 

H. Fish 

M. Fitzgerald 

J. Foley 

D. Fortier 

T. Fox 

K. Gallagher 

M. Gaguin 

A. Gatie 
D. Gauthier 
L. Geloran 
I. George 
S. Germaine 
R. Gillespie 
D. Gillis 






G rat ton 




M. Hazlett 

L. Hargreaves 

H. Harrop 

D. Hartford 

C. Hayden 

L. Kerr 

J. King 

K. King 

T. Huggins 

E Healy 

E. Holmes 

K. Hoist 

K. Howard 

T. Lang 

D. Larkin 

B. Larochelle 

K. Jefferson 

P. Hughes 

P. Intrieri 

D. Kelly 

W. Kenerson 

J. Kannally 

P. Johnson 

S. Johnson 

M. Laliberte 

E. Lanagan 

P. Keenan 

S. Katz 

K. Kearns 

K. Kundert 

J. Keilen 
P. Lachance 

T. Kelley 
K. Lacourse 

p. Lewicki 

R. Leveroni 

C. MacDoanld 

R. Maduskuie 

S. Mayhew 

L. Miller 

C. Mullaney 

D. Nelson 

j. Lewicki 

C. Lynch 

N. MacPhee 

T. Mahoney 

R. McCabe 

T. Mills 

K. Mullm 

K. Nelson 

T. Manning 

L. McCracken 

I. Molloy 

I. Murray 

C. Nobles 

S. Marcarelli 

D. McCusker 

R. Moniz 

D. Myette 

G. Nuissl 

B. Marshall 

K. McKay 

P. Moore 

D. Nason 

C. O'Connor 

S. Marland 

S. McLaughlin 

M. Morrissette 

C. Nelson 

J. Ohlson 

T. Masterson 

P. Meda 

A. Mueller 


P. Laval lee 

S. Palmborg 

J. Parsons 

R. Pettis 

J. Purdon 

L. Rinaldi 

P. Rocha 

J. Rubin 

J. Lee 

L. Panettiere 

S. Patenaude 

A. Phschner 

L. Rausch 

L. Ritchie 

L. Roy 

P. Russell 

S. Lee 

D. Pant an o 

B. Paulson 

K. Pi mental 

S. Richards 

I. Robbins 

T. LeFoll 

B. Pappas 

B. Paulson 

L. Pitt 

T. Richardson 

D. Roche 

L. Olszewski 

S. Parker 

C. Pennacchio 

J. Plympton 

T. Padula 

B. Parkinson 

L. Petrosian 

K. Pomfret 


R. Preston 

f. Shanks 
{. Shearman 

J. Sign ore 
S. Simmer 

B. Sirois 
T. Slaney 

J. Sarakm 
S. Slattery 
R. Smith 
B. Southern 
K. Starehs 

H. Stepanovitch 
K. Stockwell 
I. Tennyson 
B. Theriault 
S. Vaphiades 

B. Videto 

K. Viveiros 

K. Wagner 

D. Wallace 

L. Warburton 

P. Wazan 

B. Weir 

B. Welsh 
B. Wenzel 
B. White 
S. Whyte 
R. Whyte 
M. Wisniewski 

M. Wolpers 
D. Woodworth 
P. Yarrington 
B. Zerrien 
M. Zerrien 
]. Zimmer 


Mr. Lanciaux- Advisor 

Dianne Smith- President 

° xe\ S'll^l 


\ * J 

c/iii Stoddard- Vice President 

Angela DiRe- Treasurer 

Cathy Peterson- Secretary 

Class Council- 1st row (1-r): L. Ryan, C 
Peterson, J. Stoddard, D. Smith, A. 
DiRe, K. Higgins, Mr. Lanciaux. 2nd 
row; S. Zimmer, R. Anderson, T. Brown, 
M. Zarba, D. Hughes, L. Mullin. 3rd 
row: H. Henson, T. Crowley, J. 
Mac Arthur, C. Hazlett, B. Lmkus. 


T. Brown 

J. Lukens 

P. Nelson 

J. Themislokleius 

P. Troiano 

S. Vaphiades 

K. Waitkevich 

J. Woodworth 

G. Butler 

R. Lynch 

M. Rovendro 

S. Theriault 

M. Tronti 

G. Videto 

L. Warburton 

P. Woolhrd 

M. Carmody 

K. MacKenney 

L. Armitage 

C. Thibedeau 

R. Twitchell 

K. Wall 

T. Waterman 

J. Yau 

A. DiRe 

K. Mayo 

M. Tamburhni 

S. Tierney 

N. Usher 

K. Walsh 

C. Wiese 

M. Zarba 

C. Hurkett 

D. Mcleod 
L. Millet 

D. Tedeschi 

T. Tomkinson 

D. Vaphiades 

S. Walsh 

S. Wirtz 

S. Wisniewski 

S. Zimmer 



M. Aichin 

/. Aronofsky 

S. Barry 

C. Bettencourt 

A. Boughner 

K. Buckley 

S. Bowes 

R. Alger 

J. August 

K. Begin 

D. Bickford 

B. Bredvik 

K. Buckley 

P. Bowes 

G. Butler 

D. Allsworfh 

D. Axberg 

S. Belanga 

L. Birkbeck 

H. Briere 

B. Bourque 

M. Bullock 

D. Anderson 

B. Baker 

S. Benson 

D. Bishop 

T. Brown 

D. Bourque 

R. Anderson 

S. Bailey 

M. Bergeron 

R. Blaisdell 

R. Brouwer 

B. Brannelly 

R. Andrews 

T. Barton 

M. Besaw 

D. Boomer 

T. Arena 

S. Bassignani 

D. Beste 

J. Boschen 

M. BuVair 

L. Byron 

C. Cadieux 
J. Catiin 
S. Calkins 
M. Cameron 
M. Carmody 

C. Cassidy 

D. Charlebois 
K. Christiansen 
M. Cindric 

G. Clapp 

L. Clontz 
E. Clou tier 
R. Connolly 
T. Connors 
B. Cooke 

C Cornwall 
P. Cossette 
L. Crandall 
J. Cronin 
T. Crowley 
G. Curtis 
T. Cyrulik 

L. Daley 
S. Narold 
E. Davey 
T. Davis 
J. Delsignore 
L. DeRuisseau 
L. Desper 

M. Dittrich 
M. Dorsey 
L. Drake 
D. Dunn 
D. Dwelley 
C Dynan 
C Emhree 


L. Englehart 

S. Field 

R. Gage 

L. Grzenda 

K. Hazlett 

T. Ettenhoter 

C. Fisher 

J. Gianni 

R. Guillette 

M. Farrand 

P. Flannery 

S. Gibbs 

C. Haggstrom 

S. Fearnley 

J. Flynn 

T. Grasso 

B. Hall 

E. Federico 

S. Flynn 

J. Graveline 

K. Harmon 

S. Ferland 

D. Fortier 

J. Greer 

K. Hartford 

J. Ferris 

C. Fruci 

K. Graham 

M. Hayes 

T. Heinz 

L. Healey 

D. Heinsohn 

E. Precour* 

C. Rhein 

P. Rocha 

D. Ross 

\ — LpRyan 
\\ **wi. Sabatini 

1 r 

j. Kafjoza 

S. Robbins 

I. Roderick 

P. Ross 

J. Rausch 

M. Roberts 

H. Romsey 

J. Rudder <^ 


I. Redihan 

E. Robinson 


F. Salkovitz 

J. Shute 

L. Smith 

K. Sam u to 

J. Simon 

S. Smith 

C. Sundquist 

W. Skinner 

M. Sprague 

L. Serwinski 

S. Slack 

M. Stella 

L. Schnorbus 

L. Sluss 

I. Stoddard 

M. Shea 

D. Smith 

R. Sulham 

L. She I ton 

G. Smith 


Mr. Berteletti, Advisor 

Kelly Moriarty, President 

Michelle Michalik, Vice President 

Lynette Roche, Secretary 

Brian Blinco, Treasurer 


T. Anderson 

E. Lynch 

F. Pladt 

K. Pennacchio 

C Slattery 

W. Theroux 

M. Weir 

I Weise 

D. Buiiifard 

A. McCoy 

W. Salisbury 

T. Smith 

B. Wichland 

S. Zambesi 

S. Chilli 

T. Megna 

S. Widak 

S. Zerrien 


/. Abernathy 
D. Andrews 

• M. Arsenault 
T. Await 

K. uuabtuu 

J. Beksha 

S. Bettinger 
R. Black 

K. Brook bush 
C. Brooks 

L. Brothers 
B. Buja 

E. Burke 

D. Burlingame 

C. Bur-nard 
P. Cadieux 
C. Caitin 
K Cahalan 

B. Arado 

A. Backlund 

M. Benoit 

B. Blinco 

W. Arnhols 

J. Barrett 

D. Benson 

D. Bolton 

C. Arnold 

L. Barry 

C. Bassignani 

C. Beste 

C. Bettencourt 

M. Bettencourt 

M. Bortolotto 
B. Bruneau 
M. Bristol 

L. Caparella 
, i> Gsf5n~io 

A. Cassingham 

L. Chitty 

C. Conaty 

M. Cook 

N. Daniels 

C Diamond 

M. Dynan 

A. Charlebois 

J. Chutjian 

R. Conlin 

W. Cordani 

K. Darling 

E. Doran 

T. Eblan 

B. Charron 

C Clarke 

M. Conlon 

I. Cormier 

]. Davis 

T. Duczakowski 

C. Ely 

J. Chaya 

E. Clarke 

K. O'Connell 

A. Cosentino 

A. Deiorge 

M. Dumas 

D. Errington 

W. Cherry 

L. Clayton 

A. Connolly 

K. Dahlbeck 
M. Daley 
M. Damato 

E. DeGeorge 
T. DePalmo 
K. Devine 

F. Durrick 
L. Dwelley 

T. Fall 


C. Fallon 

J. Gaguin 

E. Gorham 

N. Hamilton 

D. Hokanson 

A. Intrieri 

K. Farquharson 

P. Gallagher 

S. Gould 

G. Hamlin 

P. Holske 

D. Jacob 

M. Fegan 

K. Giammatteo 

N. Gouthro 

K. Harcovitz 

C. Hosmer 

P.. Jacob 

D. Fernandez 

C. Glebus 

J. Grant 

A. Hardy 

J. Houseworth 

P. Johns 

E. Flanagan 

B. Gnecco 

J. Greer 

S. Harrop 

I. Hughes 

D. Johnson 

J. Florencio 

B. Goddard 

J. Grospitch 

J. Hayes 

A. Fepin 

G. Goddard 

M. Hagopian 

M. Hobbs 

G. Johnson 

R- Jones 

M. Kade 

B. Kenerson 

T. Kohut 

A. Lewin 

J. Marks 

P. McMonigle 

S. Johnson 

A. Jules 

L. Kavanaugh 

T. King 

M. Krajewski 

B. Lindsay 

E. Martisius 

K. McNamara 

K. Kearns 

K. Kinsman 

E. Krupa 

K. Lynch 

B. Mayer 

L. McPherson 

J. Kelly 

C. Knight 

A. Lacey 

S. Lynch 

J. McCarthy 

D. Meau 

D. Leclaire 

B. MacDonald 

K. McDonald 

T. Megna 

T. LeFoll 

L. Malagrida 

K. McGlynn 

J. Meyer 

C. Leveroni 

M. Marchand 

T. McLean 


M. Michalik 

S. Murray 

F. Nisil 

L. O'Neil 

S. Peloquin 

1. Pitt 

G. Purdon 

R. Rausch 

L. Miller 

J. Narold 

K. Nuissl 

C. Operach 

R. Pettis 

I. Plante 

S. Rappas 

S. Regina 

R. Molloy 

K. Nelson 

C. O'Brien 

D. Orlando 

E. Piotrowski 

T. Pothier 

M. Reid 

K. Rietz 

E. Moore 

R. Nelson 

D. O'Brien 

E. Osborne 

L. Morrissette 

T. Nelson 

B. O'Connell 

C. Pappas 

P. Morse 

C. Newman 
C. Nicholson 

T. Odoardi 
T. Odoardi 

M. Parsons 
E. Peavey 

'. Ritchie 

I. Ryan 

K. Schaeter 

H. Shearman 

P. Smith 

D. Stone 

K. Thayer 

K. Waitkevich 

. Roche 

R. Sabin 

I. Schramm 

S. S ignore 

P. Soares 

C. Stonionis 

N. Tobichuk 

P. Walsh 

'. Russo 

I. Sandberg 

C. Shanks 

I. Sinjem 

B. Sousa 

K. Stracuzzi 

I. Turinese 

M. Waters 

M. Shaw 

B. Slattery 

T. Stanhope 

S. Sullivan 

P. Tyo 

C. Ware 

G. Sheck 

C. Slattery 

E. SutcliHe 
A. Swantak 

D. Unger 
I. Wadleigh 

S. Washer 
I. Wazan 


A w 


*■•' * 

Mr. Costa - Superintendent 

Dr. Nicastro - Asst. Superintendent 

Mr. Fairfield - Principal 

Mr. Lojko - Students Services 

Mr. White ■ Administrative Asst. 

Mr. Geib - Asst. Principal 

Mr. Paglari - Asst. Principal 



School Committee - 1st row (1-r): Mr. Pelletier, Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Wylie, Chairperson, Mr. Barrett, 
Vice Chairperson. 2nd row: Mr. Lynch, Mr. Davies, Mr. Grant, Mr. Spitler, Mr. Brown. 


Mr. Besaw - English 

Mr. Ahem - English 

Mrs. Alter - English 

Mr. Berteletti - Carpentry 

Mr. Bodge ■ Electrical 


s. Sullivan leaves the Senior Class permission to 
■ir own aspirin when they graduate. 

Mrs. Nancy Tower lee 
to Leo Desrosiers. 

the dirty sinks in the art room 

Mrs. Brennan - Special Needs 

Mrs. Casper - Science 

Mr. Chichetto - Voc. Resource 


Mrs. Alter leaves her recipe lor Hungarian Tarts to 
Karen Calkins, her very high-heeled suede sandals to 
Jeannine Grospitch, her jumbo black Faberge tote bag 
to Amy Dunn, her academic cap and gown to Monique 
Wolpers, and her love ol Philosophy to Curt Blood. 

Mr. Bergquist leaves the Class of '83 a used couch and 
an Old Witch Doctor's secret potion lor shrinking heads. 

Mr. Bodge leaves Je££ O'Donnell his beard to keep him 
warm when he snowmobiles. 

Mr. Antonetti leaves all his broken tables and chairs to 
his senior class. 

Miss Bremer leaves th 
Julie Davis. 

to Angela Eblan and 

Mr. Conley - Sheet Metal 


Mr. Courtois - Culinary Arts 

Mr. Cormier ■ Science 


Mr. Cravotta - Carpentry 

Mr. Cosentino Phys. Ed 

Miss Coutu ■ Social Studies 

Mrs. DiRe - Special Needs 


. Buchanio leaves to each of her senior cheerleaders 
lir of "greenies." 

s. Campos leaves David Doiron 9,999 pages of 
iness Management notes to copy before graduation. 

. Carr leaves Jeff Lewin 

of Golden Grahams. 

rs. Casper leaves a bunsen burner to all the survivors. 

Mr. Celata leaves an alarm clock to Missy LeMay, a hat 
rack to Steve Roberts, a pack of toothpicks to Jodi 
Korslund, some weight gainer to Mary Ellen Flower, 

and a picture of Farrah Fawcett to Darlene P. 

Mr. Conley leaves to the senior welding class Steve 
Narolds' phone number in case they have any welding 

Mr. Elman - Music 

Miss Fenton - For. Language 

Miss Flaherty - Math 


Mr. Cravotta leaves James M. Flynn made with 
beveled edge chisels. 

Mrs. DiRe leaves every senior with best wishes for 
success and happiness in the future. 

Miss Coutu leaves Jeff Marsden 1 credit in U.S. 
History, Frank Crowell a copy of "100 Ways To Break 
Up A Class", Julie Ellis a secret, George Antonitis 
Chief Sandland's suit jacket. 

Mrs. Dombkowski leaves Dawn Nelson a bottle of 

Mr. Dwyer leaves Patty C. a fireman. 

Mr. Houde - English 

Mr. Keimach - English 

Miss Krol - Math 


Mrs. Fagan leaves Kim Black and Heather Kohut pizza 

crust from deadline meetings, Therese Doyle a Presidental 
Seal for her future term of office, to all seniors the memories of 
float meetings, proms, Chinese Food Night, and Senior Sup- 
per, to Therese Doyle, Patty Phelan, Debbie Finley and 
Delight Newman a pass to continue meeting every Monday 
and Wednesday at 7:50 A.M. 

Mr Fairfield leaves his size 17 shoes h ' 
class members to take giant steps toward 

Mr. Faulk leaves extra credit to Mark Conley. 

Mrs. Fisher-Delahanty leaves Karen Miller one final 
transcript! -i 

Mr. Lavallee - Business 

Miss Leggee ■ Business 

Mr. Ligor - Science 


Miss Flaherty leaves slan agus beannacht agus gach deagh 

Dr. Goldman leaves the complete works of Henry David 
Thoreau to those in the class ol '83 who step to the beat of a 
different drummer. 

Mr. Guillemette leaves to the Class of 83 his Top 100 
Songs on the "Big G All Time Hit List." 



of '83. 

Mrs. Huckle leaves Jim Houseworth a scholarship to noo- 
key-nookey school, Lauren Mackenney a pair of rubber 
boots to prevent electric shock, Mike Ruggeri permission to 
leave graduation two minutes early, her senior English Class 
period two a set of lifetime subscriptions to Paragraph Power, 
Volume II. 

Mrs. Maxell - Business 

Mr. Morgan - Math 

Mrs. Negus - English 


. Keimach leaves his Business Writing class the 9:00 Mrs. Kamon leaves some of her laughter to the 

ws, Paul Harvey News and Comment, and his green vocational seniors. 

->ld suit with the yellow shoes. , , , , 

Miss iiroi leaves her fifth period class alone and her 

homeroom permission to be late. 

. Keleher, Mrs. Tower and Mr. Sumner leave the 

ss of '83 a $100.00 non-refundable deposit at the Frank Mr. Cormier leaves his ability to draw circles freehand to 
Javis Resort in Connecticut. anyone who can do them justice. 

Mr. Perry - Math 

Mr. Pierce - Machines 

Mr. Peterson - Sheet Metal 


Mr. Courtois leaves Jody Korslund an alarm clock 
because she is always late. 

Mr. Lanciaux leaves his French 5 class permission to 
"quittez" King Philip. 

Mr. Lavallee leaves an investment tip: "Gold and Silver" 
for the long term. 

Mr. hazzara leaves his best pair ol manure boots. 

Miss Leggee leaves a gift certificate for a Chinese 
luncheon during fifth period to Sharon O'Connor and 
Kathy Tomes. 

Mrs. Lepere leaves a stuffed hawk to Mark Conley. 

Miss A.T. Resca - Guidance 

Miss C. Ryan - English 

Mr. Schmidt - Science 


Mr. Lepere leaves the Math League seniors a win over 
L iron and new team tee shirts. 

; Ligor leaves his Advanced Placement Biology class 
outside reading list. 

% Lombard leaves Mike Kuza his "Masked Man" 
met and cage. 

Miss Manteca leavL.~ 

Mr. Marino leaves John Kinlin one 

runners and a nail bag. 

Mrs. Maxell leaves the senior D.E. students thei 
"wrapped package". 


Mr. Simarrian - Social Studies 

Mrs. Smith - Phys. Ed 

V i 

Mr. Sumner - Tech Drawing 

Miss South-worth - English 

Mrs. Tohaz - Business 


Mrs. N. Tower ■ Art 


Mrs. McDonald leaves Bill Demers in Senior Study in 

Mr. McEachern leaves Je££ Lewin and Angela Eblan 

some ol my "OLD" sneakers to win in. 

Mrs. McNeil leaves Laura Ferioli and Chris Ferland 

a lifetime supply of "Giggle Soup". 

Mrs. Mullin leaves Kathy, Laura, Deb, Sheryl, Cary, 
and Cyndi a bottle of white shoe polish and a bottle of 
nail polish remover. 

Mr. Murtari leaves Kim Black a maxima and minima 
problem, Andrea Amidon (Ama) a few rose buds, 
Therese Doyle a "PILL", the Class o£ '83 Good Luck. 

Mr. Voci - Automotive 

Mrs. Watkins - For. Language 

Mr. Woodhams - Drafting 

__'. Nosiglia leaves his "Mad, Mad, Mad, Science 
Laboratory" to the Class of '83. 

Mrs. Palmer leaves cocoa butter to Mark Harmon. 

Mr. Perry leaves Erik DeBraie a lifetime pass to the 
computer room. 

: Poulos leaves his good memory about wills to A) 
ture Law Classes B) Kim Black and C) Mrs. 

Mrs. Raymond leaves her green thumb to Lisa 
Vaphiades and Renea Mullaney a lifetime supply of 

Miss Resca leaves the Class of '83 all her unused 

passes and appointment time. 

Mr. Riley leaves all his lav passes to the Class o£ 83, his 
corny jokes to the Class of '84, his car wash boots to 

Dr. Goldman - English 

Mr. G. Shores - Sheet Metal 

Mr. Young - Guidance 


Mr. Young leaves his sincere thanks to the senior 
Automotive students ior keeping his 1967 Mustang running 
for four years. 

Miss Fenton leaves her "Felicitaciones" to those Seniors 
who made it through 3 years of Spanish in her class; also 
3 cheers for Julie, Chris, Sue, Sandy, and Carrie. 

Mr. Cass leaves his complete unabridg 
for being late to John Kinlin. 


Mrs. Buchanio - Aide 

Mrs. McDonald - Aide 

Mrs. Palmer - Aide 

Mrs. Sowden - Aide 

Mrs. Guilbert - Secretary 

Mrs. Verna - Media 


r. Elman leaves his broken baton to Kathy 

nnell for next year, a supply oi air to Donvin Vernon 
ry his trumpet, his office in the morning to Jim 
oiiseworth to get warm, and the old flags to Beth 
einsohn and Kathy Kelly so they can start their own 

Mr. Finase leaves a tree week 
any number of the Class of '83. 


Mrs, Voci leaves George Antonitis his folder of teach 


rs. Smith leaves Michael Kelly 2 minutes. 

Mr. Desrosiers - Voc. Resource 

Mrs. Greeley - Project Share 



Miss J. Ryan leaves warm wishes for healthy happy lives. 

Mr. Shores leaves the name of his barber to all of his 
lona haired students in the Senior Class. 

Mr. Smith leaves King Philip with a winning basketball 

Miss Southworth leaves Period 1 Senior Study a radio, 
Homeroom best wishes, and Henry Schubert in Triumph. 

Mr. Sumner leaves Heather Kohut a rubber thesaurus 
and his pet Jackalope to Dave Gage. 

Miss Szczepaniak leaves the only class she ever fell for! 
Mrs. Tolley leaves the Class o£ 1 983 with best wishes. 

Mrs. Fink - Secretary 

Mrs. Kosten - Secretary- 

Mrs. Maduskuie - Secretary 


Mrs. Tower leaves her keys somewhere again. 

Mrs. Verna leaves Julie Ellis a box of "No-Name" 

Mrs. Villiard leaves to all those former Freshman I had 
in class four years ago, a rich and prosperous life so that 
they can pay plenty of taxes and support me "In the style 
to which I have become accustomed" in my old age. 

Mrs. Wallace leaves John Barton and Mary 
Marcarelli 50 verb blank forms. 

Mrs. Watkins leaves un par de zapatos y un vestido. 

Mrs. Wernberg leaves David Hooper a solid gold watch 
set 10 minutes fast, so he will always be on time. 


Seated 1-r: M. Wiklund, G. Mitchell, 
F. Coughlan, L. DiSciullo, M. 
Faulkner, B. Treen. Standing 1-r: C. 
Troiano, J. Landry, C. Phelan, H. 
Sweeney, E. Moore, M. Hughes, G. 




■ ■■ 

.k» ■■■——__ 

:■;: :■-.>,,- ... - - ' ■■ : 




r. j^jj J 

r^ I ' 



Front: Mr. Gallagher. 

Rear: Mr. Lavallee, Mr. Spadoni, Mr. 





The automotive program 
stresses the basic jobs, 
operations and skills 
needed in servicing and 
repairing automobiles and 

The students will gain a 
thorough knowledge of the 
materials and equipment used 
by auto mechanics. They will 
learn to use meters and 
measuring instruments; learn to 
read and interpret sketches, 
schematics, and diagrams; and 
use shop manuals and other 
resource materials. Each student 
also will have an opportunity to 
use the hand tools of the 
automotive trade and learn how 
to perform the operations of the 
trade including the evaluations 
of completed work. 

Related careers: Auto mechanic, 
automotive engineer, service 
station attendant, ignition 
specialist, truck mechanic, fleet 
mechanic, shop foreman, 
automotive parts supplier. 




The carpentry shop 
course is programmed 
to give the student 
general and specific information 
concerning the field of 
carpentry and to develop the 
fundamental skills needed to be 
a good mechanic. 

In addition to the required 
instructional jobs, the students 
do jobs for schools, municipal 
departments, churches and 
charitable organizations. 






Opposite page: 
1. W. Alix 

J. Curtin 

R. Duquette 

J. Simon 

J. Olson 
2 J. Curtin 
3. W. Alix 
This page: 

1. R. Duquette 
Time to go home. 

2. J. Simon 

3. The KP house 

4. C. Frucci 
Mr. Woodhams 



Child care allows the 
students to work directly 
with children. The students 
study habits, attitudes and 
character. Through many activities 
the students are able to learn 
about children's behavior. 

Last spring many K.P. students 
protested the cutting of Child 
Care and the Plumbing programs. 
Now thanks in part to their efforts 
Child Care is once again part of 
the vocational program. 

Related careers: Nursery school 
teacher, day care director, 
elementary school teacher, 
working with handicapped 
children, child psychologist 
working in a children 's ward in a 




1 GQI 


1 1,7 % 'A 

. ■.■■■"".■ ■".. ■■■■ ■ 

HL^__ //V lv* ' 



Opposite page: 

1. T Horton 

2. T. Poirier 

Asleep on the job again. 

3. V. Tower 
B. Nelson 

Wake up Becky, she's talking about 
This page: 

1. F. Meda 

2. P. Flynn 

3. How much longer do I have to stand 

4. Boy, this is boring. 

5. Soup for five. 

6. T Diamond 

Oh no, I lost another student. 


The world has become 
technically oriented 
with all the new 
developments in industry, 
technology and space 
exploration. Drafting has 
become essential to put new 
ideas into working plans. 
Anyone associated with process 
of production will benefit from 
a study of drafting. The goal of 
the drafting course at King 
Philip is to develop an 
understanding of drafting in the 
technical world, so the students 
can enter the career fields 
related to drafting. Once the 
basics of drafting are 
understood, those with a 
continuing interest in drafting 
may select an area of 
specialization to gain additional 

Related careers: Drafting 
trainee, Layout drafter, detail 
drafter, design drafter, checker, 
technical illustrator, 
computerized drafting (cad- 
cam), architect, industrial 
designer, engineers. 



LUt r 


Opposite page: 

1. Future professionals 

2. R. Maduskuie 
3 Mr. Riley 

R. Howard 
This page: 

1. P. Johnson 

2. T. Wesser 

3. S. Craig 

M. Erring ton 

4. P. Castro 

Yes, Mr. Riley, I'm working. 

5. C. Hugo 


' Electrical 

The electrical program at 
king Philip is diversified 
to accomodate a wide 
range of abilities and to 
challenge each student to the 
limit of his/her ability. Hands 
on practical training is obtained 
through the students holding 
the responsibility of wiring the 
house built by the carpentry 
students. Additional practical 
training is gained through the 
completion of the necessary 
installations and repairs that 
must be made to the school 
building. This training makes 
each student fit for profitable 
employment upon graduation. 

Related careers: Electronic 
technician, electrical drafting, 
computer repair, industrial 
electronics, motor repair, 
electrical engineering, motor 
design, power plant electrician, 
control engineering, heat and 
air conditioning. 




' ^OODS 

Students learn how to cook 
and bake in a work 
environment. They are 
taught the basics of cooking and 
baking that go on every day in 
restaurants, hotels, and bakeries all 
over the country. It is a program 
designed to teach the basic steps 
needed for all food service 

Related careers: Fast food 
managers, equipment sales, food 
sales, hospital kitchen managers, 
catering, hod processing, 
marketing, sanitation, inventory 
control, shipping and receiving. 


Opposite page: 
1. D. Allsworth 

Mr. Courtois 

S. Slack 
2 R. Lee 

Shucks, I killed it again. 
3. E. Marchand 

M. Lemay 
This page: 

1. D. Piotrowski 

I hope he doesn't notice it's gone. 

2. D. Shannon 

3. E. Marchand 
J. Sirois 
Who, me??? 

4. P. Usher 
Mr. Courtois 


Students interested in 
careers in the rapidly 
expanding field of health 
care learn health and nursing 
theories and practice patient care 
skills in both the authentically 
eguipped laboratory and actual 
health care facilities. 

Related careers; Registered nurse, 
X-ray technician, laboratory 
worker, and therapist. 

'P Jealth 

Opposite page: 

1. D. Woodworth 
Z. Koshgarian 

2. A. MacGregor 
T Mills 

3. A. MacGregor 
D. Swanson 

This page: 

1. These are thermometers??? 

2. B. Parkinson 

I'm going hysterical, Nurse. 

3. B. Parkinson 
D. Woodworth 

4. L. Geloran 
K. Kenerson 
I feel sick. 


'TW [achine 

Students in the machine 
shop are engaged in many 
maintenance jobs 
throughout the school. The special 
skills of the machinist enable them 
to repair or duplicate tools and 
machine parts lor the several other 

In addition, the machine shops 
students fabricate precision tools 
for their own use when they enter 
the trade. The projects range from 
a simple hammer to rather 
sophisticated, precision grinding 
vise. These projects provide the 
students with a valuable hands-on 
experience as well as allowing the 
student to acguire some expensive 
tools before he actually goes out 
to work. 

The co-op program was successful 
for machine shop students last 
year and the shop anticipates 
another good year. In spite of the 
depressed job market most of last 
year's graduates are now working 
in the trade and some of this 
year's seniors already have jobs 
lined up. 

Related careers; Machinist- 1st 
Class, tool maker, die maker, 
model maker, gauge maker, 
production machinists, and 




Jn our community we buy, 
rather than build, most of 
the things which we need 
to live. Most of these products are 
made in factories. Each year new 
discoveries and inventions help to 
make life a bit easier. There are 
machines for doing ordinary things 
like simple arithmetic and 
machines for doing extraordinary 
things like space exploration. 

For each of these manufactured 
products a technical drawing was 
prepared in order to graphically 
communicate the reguired 
information from the designer to 
the builder of the product. A 
knowledge of technical drawing 
helps students in choosing a 
career and gives him an 
appreciation of the design process. 

Related Careers; Drafting, 
architecture, engineering, design, 
and technical illustration. 


Opposite page: 

1. J. Barton ' 
H. Kohut 

2. R. Anderson 

3. S. Graves 

B. Paulson 
T. Brown 
D. Axberg 

This page: 

1. K. Lincoln 

C. Bettinger 

2. J. Masterson 

3. Mr. Sumner 
G. Wideberg 

4. P. Loughlin 

5. K. Christiansen 
Oh no, not again. 





The sheet metal trade is 
the oldest trade in the 
world. When man made 
his first weapons they were 
made from metal. At the King 
Philip Regional Vocational High 
School the students have the 
most modern metal shop and 
welding facilities available. 
Students are currently learning 
the skills of heating, air- 
conditioning, and are now 
breaking into the science of 
solar heat. The metal shop 
students, in addition to their 
curriculum, are making 16th 
Century lanterns, using the 
methods and techniques of the 
early colonial craftsman. In 
addition to our metal shop, the 
students have built a new 
welding area with ultra-modern 
equipment and a complete 
exhaust system. The welding 
area is an integral part of our 

Related careers: Heating, 
ventilating and air-conditioning, 
kitchen equipment, solar 
systems, welding furniture, plant 
maintenance, dust collection 
systems, nuclear systems, 
cornice work, architectural 
sheet metal, ornamental iron 


Opposite page: 

1. B. Standing 

2. E. Harrop 

3. W. Howard 
J. Howard 

This page: 

1. S. Narold 

2. J. Standing 

3. T. Brown 

M. Kelly (background) 

4. T. Davis 


' Business 

^^^ usiness Education 
f^% students have their 
^^^ dreams and work 
toward them, and achieve them, 
but they don 't forget to develop 
skills along the way. They make 
darn sure they're 
EMPLOYABLE, then. . . the 
sky's the limit!!! 

Related careers: Word 
processing specialist, 
administrative assistant, 
paralegal, computer systems 
operator/manager, purchasing 
agent, accountant personnel 
and labor. 


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1. J. Greer 
2 M. ColJetto 

Trust me. 
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1. D. Hooper 

Ya mean we have to work today. 

2. B. Nye 
J. Davis 

Mrs. Raymond 

3. W. Wagner 

Who erased my Van Halen tape? 




Our Distributive 
Education program 
provides students 
with training in marketing, 
retailing, and management. 
Junior D.E. students manage 
and operate the King Philip 
school store, a small retail 
establishment which serves the 
high school faculty, 
administration, students and 
community. In addition, 
students work in the K.P. TP 
restaurant, which provides 
specialized training in restaurant 
marketing. This two year 
program is designed to better 
prepare our students for a 
position in the business world. 

The senior D.E. students 
participate in the cooperative 
education program. These 
students work at a local 
business which serves as their 
job training station. Students 
also praticipate in DEC A, the 
Distributive Education Clubs of 
America, a national youth 
organization designed to 
promote excellence in 
marketing, management and 

1. J. Baker 

K. Jefferson 

M. Frolio 

I confess, I threw the crayon, Miss 


2. C O'Connor 
S. Patenaude 
D. McCusker 

3. K. Mullen 


1. Mr. Kozak 
M. Elliott 
M. Harmon 
L. Ross 

2. K. Shaw 

3. M. Mendes 

ur program goal is to 
have each student 
absorb as much as 
possible in as many different 
phases of plumbing as possible. 

The principle duties of 
plumbing workers are laying 
pipe to connect plumbing 
systems in buildings to the city's 
water and gas supply and its 
drainage system; installing pipe 
systems for water, gas and 
sewage in buildings under 
construction; installing fixtures 
such as bath tubs, sinks and 
automatic washers; and altering, 
repairing and replacing 
plumbing equipment and gas 

We have a framed house in the 
plumbing shop in which we 
practice minor repairs around 
the school itself. 













1st row: (1-r): S. Waitkevitch, J. 
Grant, J. Cameron, B. Lynch, 
B. Burgess, T. DiPlacido, M. 
Kuza, M. Higgins, M. Nevms, J. 
Masterson, J. Marsden, T. 
Ormsby. 2nd row: R. Smith, P. 
Russell, D. Nason, T. Masterson, 
P. Loughlin, G. Antonitis, M. 
Carchidi, F. Brennan, D. 
Hooper, K. Slattery, T. Cordani, 
H. Harrop, J. Kannally. 3rd row: 
L. Post, S. Matthews, P. Bowes, 
K. Pahs, P. Cataldo, T. Slaney, 
J. Murray, S. Simmer, T. Kelly, 
M. Davis, J. Purdon, J. George, 
T. Heinz. 4th row: M. Little, J. 
Gianni, B. Miles, S. Walsh, D. 
Latham, J. Homer, D. Bishop, S. 
McLaughlin, M. Besaw, K. 
Waitkevitch. 5th row: B. Bristol, 
Coach Fulso, Coach Schmidt, 
Coach Rice, Coach Rulhng, 
Coach Lombard, B. Hoist. 






1st row: (1-r): R. Leveroni, C. 
Nobles, P. Hughes, K. 
Buckley, D. Gage, P. Russo. 
2nd row: Coach Russo, M. 
Zarba, J. Molloy, L. Rausch, 
M. Zollo, J. Plympton, T. 
Lang, M. Tronti. 




1st row (1-r): J. Rausch, B. Slattery, D. 
Newman, H. Romsey, L. Petrosian, 
M. Carmody, D. Petrosian, A. 
Carson, K. Pennachio, C Bettinger, 
K. Kelly, D. Benson. 2nd row: Coach 
Wolny, C Pennachio, S. Theriault, S. 
Kir by, K. Henderson, L. Moran, L. 
Pitt, J. Williams, D. Myette, G. Clapp, 
C Pearson, C. Jost, P. Wazan, J. 
Foley, K. Lewis, Coach Czmesia. 


1 ' 






1st row (1-r): J. Murray, G. 
Snow, M. Dix. 2nd row: 
Coach Cosentino, M. 
Sabatini, J. Lukens, B. 
Theriauh, D. Begin, F. 
Gillis, T. Ettenholer. 

1st row (1-r): T. Padula, N. 
Maduskuie, C. Schwalbe, A. 
Amidon, A. Wright, D. Hobbs. 
2nd row: D. Finley, S. Andrews, F. 
Graham, C. Lynch, P. Moore, R. 
Andrews, G. Lewicki, S. Barry, A. 
DiRe, Coach Duniey, 


■— — — ■ ~"^*Sx. ■ 

/i iiiii iii/ii lis \v 





i^T- «Z* 



"& ^^T 

_ *gPZ2l3 

' * 

1st row (1-r): R. Guillette, 
E. Davey, D. Heinsohn, J. 
Woodworth. 2nd row: 
Coach McEachern, E. 
Clarke, J. Lewin, B. 
Bredvik, M. Mullen. 

EEEI Wtt}*\ 


H — i 










■'■■"- ' 

1st row (1-r): B. Lindsay, B. 
Dumas, N. Gouthro. 2nd 
row: Coach McEachern, T. 
Stracuzzi, A. Eblan, K. 
De Vine. 

Kneeling: 1-r: Capt.-J. 
Barry, Capt.-C. Mikulis. 
Standing: Coach Smith, 
P. Lynch, B. Weir, D. Na- 
son, T. Cordani, J. 
Crowell, M. Wolpers, J. 
Plympton, R. Smith, R. 
McCabe, F. Crowell, D. 
Begin, Coach. 


1st row: 1-r: T. Hartford, A. 
Amidon, S. Kearns, S. Friz- 
zel, N. Maduskuie. 2nd row: 
J. Jones, T. Padula, G. 
Lewicki, K. Pomfret, J. Mill- 
er, S. Graves, K. Lewis, 
Coach Rice. 


Sitting 1-r: J. Delsignore, 
C. Walker, J. Civilinski, 
Capt.-J. Kinlin, J. Malloy, 
Capt.-M. Kelly, J. Rob- 
erts, M. Elliott, J. 
Cleeves. Back row: 1-r: 
Coach Ting ley, M. 
Hobbs, C Cossette, R. 
Leveroni, T. Lang, M. Sa- 
ba tin i, R. Molloy, T. 
Brown, G. Snow, D. Ray, 
P. Intreh, R. Whyte, B. 
Cook, M. Dittrich, Coach 









1st row: 1-r: R. Lynch, M. 
Spraig, Capt. -D. Hart- 
ford, Capt.-L. Byron, D. 
Benson, J. Newman. 2nd 
row: 1-r: S. Barry, C. 
Muir, C. Wisniewski, J. 
Sanberg, D. Fortier, N. 
Gouthro, S. Bettinger, P. 
Phelan, L. Petrosian, L. 


1st row: 1-r: Captains-S. 
Newman, S. Lynch. 2nd 
row: 1-r: C. Cahalan, R. Rit- 
chie, L. Ryan, S. Smith, L. 
Crandall, C. Ferland, R. 
Rausch, D. K el ley, M. 
Odoardi, K. Leveroni. 


1st row: 1-r: S. Lynch, 
Capt.-J. Ellis, Capt.-C. 
Ferland, P. Ross, 2nd 
row: Coach-Mrs. Bu- 
chanio, M. Odoardi, S. 
Smith, C. Wyhe, S. Alls- 
worth, S. Stenquist, C. 
Muir, C. Leveroni, R. 

■ H ^i^^ >. # HI 

"v.. .J* . *» 

MM f 3 

. 1 w ^Ji 


If ! 

i n 

9f : ^^jjhht 4^jf^ 

^H*" 4flk^^ ■ 



1st row (1-r): Mr. 
Houde, J. Hardy, D. 
Petrosian, C . 
Schwalbe, P. Char- 
ron, B. Paulson, S. 
Allsworth, P. Ross. 
2nd row: Y. Allen, M., 
Bristol, M. Odoardi, S. 
Fields, K. Henderson, 
F. Meda, M. O'Con- 
nor, K. Hoist, M. Car- 
mody, C. Beste, L. 
Mullin. 3rd row: B. 
Gharron, T. Padula, 
C. Operach, K. Chris- 
tiansen, K. Stareios, K. 
Pomiret, D. Wood- 
worth, B. Rausch, G. 




1st row (1-r): B. Paulson, P. ^natron, k. oazaire, ti. Fauison, A. Ftischner, L. FaneWere, 
Graves, F. Graham, H. Stepanovitch, D. Billings. 3rd row: ]. Molloy, P. Conlin, R. Hada 
Stock well. 

K. Barry, 

Hayden, E. Holmes, S. McLaughlin, K. 



VI • 



isf row 0-rjL* K. 

Calkins , A. 
Dunn. 2nd row: 

Mr. Cormie 

Wolpers, J. 
'Barry, (missing 
B. Brevik) 







The members of the 
SAC, or Student Ad- 
visory Council, are 
representatives of 

each class and a vo- 

./■ i ' ±~ 

live. They speak with 
the School Commit- 
tee directly about 
matters concerning 
the student body 
They also are mem- 
bers of the Student 
Council which helps 
organize activities 
such as the decorat- 
ing of the school at 
Christmas time as 
pictured here. 


1st row (1-r): J. Martinez, 
C. Pearson, C. Hugo, D. 
Dwelly L T. Mills, J. Zim- 
irkinson, D. 
Woodworth, A. Mac- 
Gregor, L. Geloran, W. 
Kenerson, Mrs. Mull in, 
K. Nelson, K. Ireland, 
W. Golden. 2nd row: M. 
Little, J. McLeish, S. 
Craig, R. Howard, M. 

Wright, K. French, L. 
Mackie, D. Smith, J. _ _ 
nardini, T. Weser. 3rd 
row: M. Shea H. L="="~ 
R. Maduskuie, P. C 
W. Barton, H. Harrop, 
Mr. Pillarella, M. Shan- 
non, M. Mullen, C. Bu- 
shika, R. McLean, Mr. 
Celata, S. Whit, 







The members of the 
Band are students 
who are talented at , 
playing a musical 

instrument that join 
color, guard. The 
band competes with 
marching bands 
from other schools. 
They have won 
numerous awardsU^, 

The members' of the 
Band Council are 
elected by 
members of the 
Band. They decide 
on fundraising for 
the Band%nd 
activities. v 

The ]azz Band has 
proven to be a 
great delight to 
audiences at band 




Mini Spirit Week was held 
Thanksgiving Week. Some of the 
days were Button Day and Cowboy- 
Day. One of the highlights of the 
week was the bonfire held on 
Wednesday night, ft was built during 
the day by the Senior Class. The 
W.F.D. supervised the burning. 
Queen for the Thanksgiving Football 
game was Carol Schwalbe. She was 
elected by the entire Senior Class. 
MVP for the football game was 
Richie Smith. 


*,"?§ *#■■ .•»£. 

t "' 


m0, ■/ 


MacDonald, U. Het- 
tinger, C. Sundquist, 
C. Bowes, D. Gage, 
C. Wylje, P. PheJan, 
T. Doyle, N. Madus- 
kuie. 2nd row: B. 
Lindsay, L. Loew, R. 
Strang, H, Kohut, K. 
tegin, B. Bredvik, K. 
Bazaire, J. Williams, 

Lacey, D. Melish, R. 
Maduskuie, R. An- 
derson, P. Cc 
Davis, K. Christian- 


The Red Snapper in Foxboro was the set- 
ting for the Freshmen-Sophomore Semi- 
Formal held on March 12, 1982. Couples 
danced to the music of Mainstreet. The 
band chose the Queen and Court. Pic- 
tured with their escorts are Jim Ambrose, 
Princess Jenny Rausch, Richie Leveroni, 
Princess Monice Odoardi, Queen Lor- 
raine Petrosian, Mike Sabatini, Princess 
Paula Charron, Sean McLaughlin, Prin- 
cess Tracy Budd and escort. The theme 
for the Semi-Formal was "We've Got To- 
night. " 



Publishing a school year- 
book is no easy task. Stu- 
dents spend many hours 
putting the pages together. 
Work on the yearbook be- 
gins a whole year before the 
book is published. Students 
attend spring and summer 
workshops to learn the me- 
chanics of publishing a 
yearbook. Many nights the 
staff room is the only room 
with a light on. 

1st row (1- 
r): C. Gal- 
v i n , S . 
May hew, 
B. Bredvik, 
J. Williams, 
H. Stepon- 
avitch. 2nd 
row: K. Ba- 
zaire, C. 
H. Kohut, 
K. Black. 
3rd row: T. 
Doyle, R. 
Ma d u s - 
kuie, P. 


The Junior-Senior Prom was held at the 
Chateau deVille in Randolph on April 30, 
1982. Mainstreet provided the dance mu- 
sic for the couples. "Wonderful Tonight" 
was the theme for the prom. Representing 
the classes in the court pictured at left 
were Princess Stacey Begin, John 
Guenthner, Princess Patti Simmer, Mike 
Walker, Dennis McMonigle, Princess 
Vicki Werning, Princess Karen Hender- 
son, and Tim Slattery. Seated in front are 
Queen Liz Pomfret and Tim Quinlisk. 






Senior Supper, held on Janu- 
ary 18, 1983 in the King Phillip 
cafeteria, proved to be a fun 
time for all. Seniors feasted on 
Italian food while they waited 
the announcements of the Su- 
per Senior Superlatives. Su- 
perlatives were voted by the 
class members. The Class 
Prophecy written by Debbi 
Finley was also read. 




■ . ; : .; : -S^m. . ' i: 


■ i Br ; ■ 

>■ — ^4* a 

^Pl 11 11 i 



In Memory of Ema DeKryger 
Dec. 4, 1963 - Oct. 20, 1982 

A tear on your photo 

The trace of it will always stay 

How will they blend in tomorrow and today 

your smile, 

and my tear 

Many a mile, but no fear of any drifting 

Your photo is forever uplifting. 

Lend my knowledge of your love. 

written by Ema DeKryger 

The loss of someone so unique will always be felt by those who knew and loved 

■with love, Christopher, Susan 
and all her good friends 


Geoffrey Swan 

June 16, 1964 - May 19, 1982 


Death is many things, 

It all depends when it happens, 

and who the lost one is. 

Death is sad when it is an elder relative. 

Here you hurt and think about things. 

But most of your sorrow is felt for those closer than you. 

But again you hurt for your friend and not yourself, 

You are just there to help them thru it all. 

But never! 

Never have I felt death this way before! 

This time it confronted me in an awakening phone call. 

This time it caught me totally off guard. 

I now learned the closest friend to me was gone. 


It got him! 

I questioned in disbelief, but then had to accept it, 

For reality hits us all at some point. 

I then called some close friends of my already long missed friend, 

Letting them know was something I had to do. 

Next was a long day of why's and mental anquish, 

Which is still going on now. 

I've had thoughts of the good times, and the bad. 

And the future plans we were going to share. 

We saw the Brides at Rocky Point, 

And both looked back at this in the '82 Chieftain. 

He watched me and me him when one of us had too much to drink, 

And when we both had too much to drink we somehow made it home together? 

We dove from high heights in Milford, 

We baked in the sun at Martha 's Vineyard, 

And then again in Arizona. 

But never! 

Never did I expect these good times to end. 

Death had dealt me loss I still can 't believe, 

For my good buddy Jeff is gone and not to return . . . 

Lord help me thru this! 

James Patrick Devlin 


Wrentham Loam Division 



Congratulates The 
Class Of '83 




Colony, Inc. 

90 Research Road 

Hingham, MA 

Brockton Walpole 

203 N. Montello St. 15 Production Rd. 

583-4727 668-6300 


• Welding Supplies 

• Industrial Propane 

• Safety Equipment 

Best Wishes To The Graduation 

Class Of 1983 

Good Luck Julie 





King Philip 




Good Luck Class Of '83 

Boro Sand & Stone Inc 

Washed Sand And Gravel 
Concrete For All Purposes 

Plain St. 

No. Attleboro, MA 02760 

Congra tula tions 
Class Of 1983 

699-291 1 



Best Wishes To The 
Class Of '83 

Bird Machine Co., 





South Walpole 




161 East Central Street 
Franklin, MA 02038 




Industrial Rd. 
Wrentham, Mass 02093 



Gift and Cord Shop 

78 South St. Wrentham 




Con gra tula tions 

To All 1983 

May all the challenges 

of tomorrow 

lead you on to greater 


Asphalt Paving 

Peter S. Tsimortos 
- President 

Bella Construction Corp. 


Congratulations To The Class 

Of "83" 

Plough deep; while Sluggards sleep; 
And you shall have Corn, to sell and to keep. 




• Antiques 

& Collectibles 

• Gold & Silver 

• Coins, Jewelry, 

Flatware, Etc. 



The Galvin 



Wrentham Center 
Wrentham, Ma. 02093 
384-3887 • 384-2232 

Precious Metals License 


Cumberland, RI 

(401) 766-0339 

Dennis R. Lavallee - Proprietor 






MA 02760 

Custom Welding 
Auto Restoration - 
Frames, Floor Pans, 
And Cab Mounts 

Auto And Truck Repairs 
Tow And Ramp Truck 

Philip Schoemnger Tel. 617-695-0440 





A fashion subsidiary of Certified 

Leading manufacturer of 



23 W. Bacon St. 
Plainville, Mass. 

695-521 1 

6 W. Bacon St. 


A. & J. Tool 


Findings Co., Inc. 


Best Wishes From 




Thomas H. 
Cuddy, Jr. 


Roger K. 


119 South St. 

Plainville, MA 



•Charles River Sports' 

Your Nike 
Headquarters " 

Con gra tula tions 



78 South St. 

Wrentham Ctr. 



Poirier & Ware 

Heat Treating Co., 

Quality & Service 

Roger E. Poirier \ k 
Presiden t 

Industrial Rd. 
Wrentham, MA 


The Class 
Of '84 


The Class 

Of '83 





Great Going Graduates 
Keep Your Wheels Turning! 

We Can Help 

Best Wishes 

To The 

Graduating Class 

Pierce (Sherman) Chevway 


Franklin, Ma. 


Community Hospital 

1 1 1 Dedham Street 

Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056 

Telephone (61 7) 668-0385 

A component of the Neponset Valley Health System 


Class Of 1983 

Joseph T Iacuzzi Inc. 


Water, Sewer, 

And Drainage Systems 


South St. 



Jewelry Co, 


Discounts On 

Watches, Jewelry 

And Rings 


44 Washington St., Rte 1 

Plain ville, MA 



Con gra tula tions! 



B38 Washington St. 

Holliston, Mass. 01746 

Philip D. Lukens 




Di Placido 


Crafty Peddler 

560 Kelly Blvd. 

No. Attleboro, MA 


Craft Classes 








Mr. & Mrs. 
Richard F. Black 




House Of 


Congratulations Kim! 






ASK ABOUT OUR 3M ^otchganT 





No- Wax 






Grocery, Produce 

Dairy & Frozen 

Wampum Corner Look For Our Posted 
Wrentham, MA Specials When You Visit 

!• Party Platters & Fruit Baskets*] 

"We take pride in our products & service" 


To Our 

Friends In The 

Senior Class 


The Class 



gBlonc ^Realty Co. 

owned & operated by Raymond Realty, Inc. 

Best Wishes 

To The 
Class Of '83 



Engine Co. 






1 ii> 



Serving Wrentham, Norfolk, Plainville, Franklin, 
and Surrounding Communitites 


New Construction 

Relocation Service 
Multiple Listing Service 
Home Warranty Program 
Mortgage Service 

155 South Street • Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 • Telephone: 384-8156 


you made it 


J\^ jJliilip 

The School Committee 
And The Superintendent 

Of Schools Wish Each 
Member Of The Class Of 

1983 Health, Happiness 
And Success. 

Marcella Wylie, Chairman 

John Barrett, Jr., Vice-Chairman 

David Brown 

James Davies 

Keith Grant 

William Lynch 

Paul Pelletier 

Marsha Robbins 

Robert Spitler 

William J. Costa 
Superintendent Of Schools 


King Philip 


Good Luck 
Much Success 

Wish Their 



Class Of 

Class Of '83 

Much Success 

Happiness And 



G. Szczepaniak 

Mrs. Voci 

Edith P. Erickson 

Richard F. Ahem 

P. Chichetto 

Carol Leggee 

Paul Riley 

Eleanor Reed Alter 

Ann T. Resca 

Janna M. Bremer 

William Lepere 

John Shores 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Geib 

F. Hart 

Mrs. Villiard 

Ira Cass 

C.G. Woodhams 

Marilyn D. Carr 

Mrs. E. Lepere 

Joyce M. Verna 

Mr. William Costa 

J. Kamon 

K. Palmer 

K. McDonald 

Dan Keleher 

C Manteca 

Peg Sullivan 

Jack Gallagher 

E. Tolley 

Elizabeth Mullin 

Rita Tokaz 

Nancy Dombkowski 

M. Wallace 

Joseph P. Lojko 

Mr. & Mrs. John Maxell 

Jane Southworth 

Good Luck Dingus from Snake and Feather 

Paul Lanciaux 

June R. Coutu 

Lee Keimach 

Pamela A. Buchanio 

James A. Black 

Roberta Negus 

Amy Wright 

Dot & Dick McCarthy 

Mary Stravinski 

DeDe & Greg Cruii 

Joe & Carol Desalnio 

Lucy & Jim Wignall 

Ron Jacob 

Dawn Jacob 

Donna Beaston 

Cheryl McDonald 

Kathy Harcovitz 

Emma Rabaioli 

Bill White 

Martial C Henault 

Dave Steves 

Anna Fuimara 

Linda Moore 

Joseph Gesimondo 

Mike Cannon 

Theresa Cannon Hendreck 

Ernie Montagano 

Joseph DeGirolano 

Irene Dunbar 

Cristina Cataldo 

Brian Cataldo 

Rita & Paul Lacey 

Lois Prevett Barlow (1979) 

John Deere 

Bob Hall 

Joan Hall 

'Ghee" Hall 

Heather Stepanovitch 

Donald Carter 

Roberta & David Nelson 

Robert Meringolo 

Ed & Lucy Breitenbach 

Joe & Marge Richards 

Zedrey Orton 

Jeilery Richards 

Joey Richards 

Helen Stepanovitch 

Tom-Good Luck from the Coupon Clipper 

Jeff & Dave-No charge for game room, munchies 

extra -Mrs. D. 
Therese Happiness Always-Love, Mom & Dad 
Patty -Best of Luck -The Doyles 

Tommy -How 'bout plaid carpet? Love Always, Therese 
Patty-thanks for Everything! -Tree 
Delight & Debbi-Thanks for being there! -Tree 
To D.W. & JF. You're both the BEST! Thanks! -Tree 
Margaret G Mercier 
Christopher Bronsdon 
Sharon M. Moore 
Lynn M. Burke 
Gerald F Walsh 


Professional Patrons 

$£™£ Magic Shears 

Baldwin's Office Supply 

The Alternative Market 

Turnpike Racquet Club 

Good Luck! Fresh Catch Seafood 

Congratulations! Mr & Mrs Mike 

Russ' Service Center lJj5l»JL 
Foxboro 50 to $1.00 Store 

Don's Diner 

Red Baron Lounge 

Dor -Win Hardware & Lumber 

seaStavinski Engineering Assoc, Inc. 


Professional Patrons 

John T Chipman, Accountant 

DiBona Realty Trust 

Robert E. Larkin, Attorney 

Daley Service 

n^^ Roberts Attic 

Wayside Craft 

J's Warehouse Liquors 

Doug's Texaco 

Sheldonville Variety 

John D. Pomfret, Assoc 

Dairy Queen 

Good Luck! - Food Depot. 


Parent Booster Club 

Jim & Betty Barry 

Louis & Pat Bergeron 

Donn And Gayle Bettinger 

Wayne & Marilyn Bredvik 

Paul & Jeanne Clou tier 

Bill & Peg Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Doyle 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Eykel 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Ferioli 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Ferland 

Mr. & Mrs. Elton B. Fisher JJJ 

Mr. & Mrs. William Hartford 

Jim & Delilah Houseworth 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph R. LeBlanc 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. Lewin 


Parent Booster Club 

Patrick J. Loughlin 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ludwig 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Maduskuie 

Mr. & Mrs. John McCarthy 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McDavitt 

William & Priscilla Melish 
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Murray 

Gene & Janice Newman 

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert W. Nichols 

Ada E. O'Donnell 

Clifford & Karen Patenaude 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Purdon 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Roberts 

Helen M. Waitkevich 

George K. Wyllie 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Wolpers 



Co- Operative 


102 S. South 

Wrentham, Ma 02093 



56 South St. 

Wrentham Center 


We're finished! It was a lot of hard work but to me 
it was all worth it. The combined efforts of the 
chieftain section editors and staff and the careful 
guidance of Mr. Sumner and Mrs. Fagan made 
this yearbook one of a kind. Although this is our 
yearbook advisors' last year, they did not let that 
hinder their dedication to the yearbook. 

The talent of the photographers and the lay-out 
artists was overwhelming. The staff dedicated many 
hours after school and into the night working on 
the yearbook and eating pizza. I took great pride 
in working with the advisors, the Josten 
representative, the section editors, the staff, and 
my co-editor. The 1983 King Philip Chieftain is a 
great success. I hope this book reminds you of 
many fond memories. 

Kim Black 

KyUy^O (SicxeAy 

When we on the Chieftain staff put together the 1983 

yearbook, we had one goal in mind; to compose a book of 

the fun and friend-filled times of this year. 1 feel that we have 

accomplished this and much more. 

I know that when I look through this book, time and time 

again, 1 will recall the fantastic memories of my last year at 

King Philip. These memories include, not only the school 

events recorded in the Chieftain, but the "after hour" ones, 

also. Events we will never forget, such as "gatherings" at the 

"S." cabins, Sherwood Park, Horseneck Beach, or anywhere 

else we could make fun happen. 

My only wish is that all who look upon these pages will find 

their own memories, fond memories which will remain with 

them forever. 

My thanks go to the Chieftain staff for their devoted 

assistance, and a special thanks is given to Mrs. Fagan and 

Mr. Sumner for their patience and painstaking guidance in 

the creation of this, the finest Chieftain yet. 

In closing, I would like to wish the entire class of '83 great 

joy and success in everything they do. 

Heather Kohut 



We, the class of 1983, proudly dedicate the twenty-sixth 
edition yearbook to Mrs. Janice Fagan. 

Other than teaching the fundamentals of geometry to the 
students of King Philip, Mrs. Fagan has advised the gradu- 
ating class since our freshman year. She has aided us in 
organizing semi-formals, proms, fund raisers, homecoming 
floats, dances, senior suppers, a senior breakfast, and 
graduation. We cartainly couldn 't have done it without her. 

Mrs. Fagan has been head advisor to the King Philip Chief- 
tain staff for six years. She has dedicated much of her time 
working on the yearbook. Last summer she escorted six 
students for a weekend at Bryant College for a yearbook 
workshop. Unfortunately for King Philip this is her last year 
as yearbook advisor. 

Mrs. Fagan s professional side includes being very spirited. 
She often wears her green and gold fndian headdress on 
special occasions. She socializes with many of the students, 
each of whom thinks of her as a close friend. 

K. Catkins 

D. Niacins 

L. Cranda.lL 


5 Bocjd 


M. Beraeron 

B. BredSik 

K. Christiansen 


T. Doyle 

P Cl.ou.iier- 


5. Frizzed. 

J. Bids 

J- Grospi+ch 

T Diamond 

D. Fin Leu 

M. EUiott 

0. ri-T2.aera.ld 

L- FerCoLL 

M CaurchiO 

S- Fre+z 

B. Heinsohn 

B r4ou.ah 

J. hlouseuior-fh 

D Hobhs 


S- Fu-Ller 

/V Sciaba. 

J. Conniff 

M Con rtors 

J. Mardu 

T Hmahes 

r f-iariford 

H Fhrand 

8 Black 


M MamareLU 

J LeBianc 


M Laliberte 


5- Lupch 

A/. Morse. 

K. Lu-kens 

A. Eblan 
A Arnidon 

C. Jos* 

K. Nue. 

J. Moore 

M Maduskuie 

A. Eblan 


P Ross 

M. hJei/ins 

D. Josf/n 

K. Miller 

L. KAackie. 

S O Connor 

R. Rvuje.ll 

D. A/etoman 

M. Fhrmenier 


C 5chuo<x(be 
R 5cKooa.(.be 

R. S + rcuna 

J. M(j.rra.u 


K. Tomes 

J. UJiUi'ams 

S Pfeffer 

J. Smi^hers 


W Waaner 

C. Willie 

S. S'tenau.isf 

•S^f epo. n o Vi +t In 

C. WWgh-f 

W WulUe 


W- Stade. 




1. Stairway to Heaven 

2. Dazed and Confused 

3. Twilight Zone 


1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

2. Journey 

3. Doors 


1. Clint Eastwood 

2. Sylvester Stallone 

3. Burt Reynolds 


1. Goldie Hawn 

2. Linda 

3. Jane Fonda 


1. Datsun 280ZX 

2. Trans-Am 
3 Mazda RX7 


1. Mr. Morgan 

2. Mr. Lazarra 

3. Mr. Sumner 


1. Senior study 

2. Environmental science 

3. Art 


1. Football 

2. Hockey 

3. Baseball 

Sports Team 

1. Boston Bruins 

2. Boston Celtics 

3. Dallas Cowboys 

Party Spot 

1. S. Cabin- 1 

2. S. Cabin-2 

3. Anywhere 


1. Tom Petty 

2. Judas Priest 
3 Rush 


1. 48 Hrs. 

2. Officer & Gentleman 

3. Rocky III 


1. Chinese Food 

2. Pizza 

3. Lasagna 

Fast Food Restaurant 

1. Burger King 

2. MacDonalds 

3. Papa Gino's 


1. Dentyne 

2. Bubble Yum 

3. Juicy Fruit 

Ice Cream 

1. Mint chocolate chip 

2. Chocolate chip 

3. Raspberry sherbert 

School Lunch 

1. Pizza 

2. Fishburgers 

3. Peanut butter & jelly 

Candy Bar 

1. Snickers 

2. Twix 

3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 


1. Horseneck Beach 

2. Whitehorse Beach 

3. Daytona Beach 

Soap Opera 

1. General Hospital 

2. Soap 

3. Guiding Light 


1. Partying 

2. Sleeping 

3. Skiing 

T V. Show 

1. Dynasty 


3. Hill Street Blues 


1. Bugs Bunny 

2. Road Runner 

3. The Jetsons 

Cartoon Character 

1. Bugs Bunny 

2. Foghorn Leghorn 

3. Elmer Fudd 


1. Blue 

2. Red 

3. Purple 



Friend ^— — ^— — ^— — ^— — — — 

Teacher — — — 
Dance _»^ 
Group ■■^li^^ 

Album . 
Car — 

Color _ 

Movie mm 

Quote — 
Sport — 
Game — 

Party — 

7hp — 

Parking Spot 

Saturday Night 
Singer-Male — 

TV-Show — 
Actor -^__ 
Actress — 
C7ass 7b S£ip ■ 




W • < 






T* . 


■ * 

■ *■ ■.-l:. ■■■•■ •■„>,; ..7i\.y 



«****8Bt^L *"WW«- 

4Mi ♦ sSS*. i .;:•<*»,,. 








■ ;*.'■'■ 
-.■»■■■ a 


•:«■■■■■•.. . « I ' ■ 

fc : T*fM« 

■■ H ■ I ■■ rt^.±*.K. t \j&?xn